Is Toms getting slower or is my PC?

Whats with Tom's Hardware these days? There is so much content on a single page, each page takes days to load. Heaven forbid you ever need to hit refresh on something.

There are 8 independent sources of javascript on every damn page!

It wasn't this bad, say a year ago.

Without Firefox, tomshardware is a complete nightmare to visit. Greasemonkey, Noscript and Adblock are a must to use toms these days.

Give us a break already.
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  1. LOL!!!.... Yes very heavily laden with unseen extras.

    I use a custom hosts file so everything I don't want to see and everything unseen is looped back to my network adapter. It works a treat.
  2. I think there's a firefox addon to disable some java scripts, clearing your cache once in a while would help.
  3. Ironically, even if Tom's is too complicated, the forums are lacking a thread or two... what about netbooks and displays, for instance? :(
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