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I just bought a brand new nVidia GTX280 graphics card. It's quiet when idle, but when I play a game it gets loud. Like a couple of very loud HDs when active. Is it normal? I'm not used to listening to my graphics card when playing games. Certainly not for the price of a gtx 280. Thank you for your reply.
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  1. Welcome to the fourms!

    Yes, the GTX 280 can get very loud when under a load.
    It is the hottest and largest GPU core ever produced and it takes quite a bit to keep it cooled.
    You can try and add more cooling to your case like some quiet 120mm fans supplying the GTX 280 with fresh cool air.
    This may allow it to stay cool enough that the fan will not need to ramp up that high while you are gaming.
  2. The funny thing is, I stopped the GPU fan with my hand (probably not something that should be done on a regular basis) and the noise was still there... and I have no idea what could be causing it?
  3. Is it a high pitched whine or buzz?
    If so, it could be the card's capacitors whining.
    Not really much that I know could be done to stop it if it is other than RMAing it.
  4. Put your finger on top of the CPU fan momentarily to see if the noise stops.
    Try disconnecting fans one by one to see if the noise stops.
    Try using a different power supply to see if the noise stops.
  5. It's definitely not a whine, more like a very loud processor. It's annoying even during the day, but in the evening it's unbearable.
  6. Download Everest, check your fan speeds from there
  7. simbas said:
    It's definitely not a whine, more like a very loud processor.


    Sorry but processors do not make any noise.
    Maybe you should put an ear into the system and see what general area it is coming from.
    Post back with your system specs, including the PSU, and what is in the area that the noise is coming from.
  8. Yeah, it sounds more like a bad capacitor or something.
  9. ups.. not processor. I ment HD. Sorry.

    I opened the case and listened to the sound. It is coming either from the GPU or the power supply. Why I think it's the GPU: when in game, if I face a wall the sound is still there but not as loud. When I turn around and start walking it goes crazy.. Could it be the power supply?
  10. Lol, no problem.

    Yes, it very well could be an overworked PSU.
    The GTX 280 draws a LOT of power.

    What PSU are you using and what other componets are drawing from it?
  11. For a GTX280 you need a 550W PSU with 40 amps on the 12v rails.
  12. I'm using a TAGAN TG800-BZ 800W PSU, which I think should be enough for my config:
    - nvidia gtx280
    - 2xHd WD640Gb
    - DVD burner
    - Tv card
    - I do however have 5 fans (could this contribute to the problems) I am thinkong of disabling a couple of them since they are a major source of noise.
  13. I am not familiar with the brand but it seems to have enough power on the +12v rails for your setup.
    Just to clarify, your rig only makes these noises when it is under a heavy load correct?

    If it is a fan making the noise, try using the eraser side of a pencil to stop it from spinning.
    Checking all the fans in your system may turn up one with bad bearings.
  14. Yes, it only makes this sound when under a load (so far, only while playing games). I tryed stoping all the fans exept the one on the psu, which I can not reach. I'll try with a pencil. But I don't think it's any of the fans, since the sound starts as I start playing a game and stops as soon as I hit 'Esc' going to the game's menu. It seems that it's only audible when processing a lot of data..
  15. I sent the comuter back, they tested it and foud out that it was the GPU that was causing the noise. If all goes as planned, I should have a new GPU by tomorrow.

    Thank you for your help.
  16. Just a look into games and your theory that standing against a wall the noise lessens... game engines don't just render what you can actually see, but often loads of other infromation in the background of what you could "Potentially" see. Just because you're standing against a wall, doesn't mean your system isn't rendering a load of polygons.

    However, if the level is optimized well, standing against a wall will likely be less polygons rendered on screen than if you're looking out over a large open area, but I wouldn't use that as any reliable way to test whether or not your videocard is the source of the noise. That said, GTX280s are known to be VERY loud Getting another GTX280 won't make any difference, though I think its funny that your retailer is actually going to swap it for you because its too loud :P
  17. I Have the same problem also with a gtx 280.
    If I use a corsair 620W then the power suply starts making noise.
    If I use a trust 520W then the chipset is making noise.

    it's really bad so if anyone knows a way to fix this please tell me
  18. if u think that's loud u should hear the annoying 8800GT. much higher pitched and just as loud if not louder. the same high pitch as like a vacuum cleaner. not cool. at least GTX280 doesn't sound like a vacuum cleaner and more like a PSU or CPU fan. You should just rivatuner it and keep the temps under 100C.
  19. I use 8800GT and now GTX280 and never had an issue with fan noise even at load condition. My loudest fan comes from the CPU which i set (once)from the ZALMAN fan controller. So fan noise is not an issue for me.

    One way to approach this is control your CASE temperature. I have side fan on my case that blows air directly to the GTX-280 card. I use a NINE-HUNDED case so case temperature is not a problem. I tuned down the case fan to control the noise. There is more than enough cool air flowing in and hot air being blown out to keep the case temperature low.

    On the power supply side mine is overkill and its hardly loaded. I have a 850w Antec Quatro. From time to time i surf the net for bargains. Twice i got Antec Quatro 850 for $119 when it was being sold for $249.

    Before COMPUSA close shop i got one for $119. Eight months back i got one for $119 @ Frys. Sometimes it worth looking for bargains from time to time.
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