(D:) Disk Drive FULL HELP!

Hello Everyone,
I am seeking an exact answer to the following;

I have a Gateway laptop..my " Disk Drive (D:) Recovery is FULL!! :ange: How this happened..I have no idea. But the (D:) Disk Drive says right above the RED bar that it has 0% free..it also says under the red bar.. that 2.12 MB free of 10.0 GB.

My exact question is ; How do I free up space on my (D:) Recovery Disc!!! :(
I am really searching for this answer..it is really important. I thank all of you who come to this community and share your wealths of knowledge!!!

I am new here...so thank you again.

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  1. I'm a bit intrigued how you have been using a disk named "Recovery". But maybe you have not - maybe the system has been writing updated info it it without your participation.

    Anyway, I assume you are familiar with the Recycle Bin operations. It is possible that the D: drive has a lot of old "deleted" files on it that are just wasting space in its Recycle Bin. Use the Recycle Bin to Empty it on that D: drive and see if that helps.

    You also can go into My Computer, RIGHT-click on the D: drive and choose Properties at the end of the menu. To the right of the pie chart is a Button for disk Cleanup. Use that and follow its guides to get rid of unnecessary stuff.
  2. Pictures, Movie and Sound files do tend to take up the bulk of disk space most peoples computers these days so they are obvious targets for moving on to CD or DVD.
  3. Some laptops have a special "recovery" partition that's there in case your operating system dies. It contains programs that can help you to recover from a failure. Those partitions are normally hidden by not having a drive letter assigned to them.

    If that's what it is then it's perfectly normal and you shouldn't touch it - in fact I'd advise you to go into Disk Management and delete the drive letter so that you don't accidentally change anything in it.
  4. I actually deleted the recovery partition, then expanded the main OS partition. You need a vista or whatever your OS is disc to do it.

    It's existence didn't help me since now it's out of warranty and that hard drive has just gotten the click of death.
  5. Thank you for all of your replies. I am printing this page so that I can go to the D disk drive and do the deleting and cleaning up what is necessary.

    By the way..I did not know that when I type D with a full colon and half paragraph that a smiley face would show up...I did not intend to add all those smiley faces after the capital letter D...that was not intended. Sorry to throw off the syntax of my inquiry to this forum board.

    Anywho..thank you again for your prompt response! Have a great day to ALL!
  6. It's common on forums that a colon plus right round bracket will be transformed into a smiley face. To avoid it, leave one blank space between them so that C:) comes out as C: ), the way you wanted.
  7. Thanks Paperdoc....Oh my gosh as I read my reply from earlier I see that I said "half paragraph"..oops again! I meant "half parentheses".

    Thanks again Paperdoc. I hope that you have a great day!
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