Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200 Vs. Phenom X4 Quad Core 9950

So, as the title says, I currently have this:

and am looking to upgrade to this:

Is it worth it?

And yes, I play lots of games, and I understand that Dual Cores are better in some respects for games, but I also do lots of 3D modelling in 3DS MAX, and a bit of video editing.

Anything I should know about the 9950?

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  1. Neither!
    Better wait until 8.jan.2009 and go for the Phenom II
  2. Will that use the AM2+ socket?
  3. Yep. In fact, the first version is AM2+ only.
  4. Yes, Phenom II will be compatible with AM2+. However, that is assuming your motherboard manufacturer will create updates for all their AM2+ BIOSes.... which isn't a given.

    Phenom II will be a big jump, however, so I'd agree with the wait sentiment, if cost is not too much of a factor. It could be that you may end up having to shell out extra for a new motherboard.

    But, just FYI, the Phenom 9950 outperforms all the AMD duals in games. It does have better clock for clock performance than Athlon, even ignoring the extra two cores. The only real tricky thing about the 9950 in particular, is that some models are 140W TDP, and some are 125W TDP. The latter one is probably preferred.

    If you are into overclocking, it won't be pushed very high unless you have a 750 southbridge on your motherboard. Otherwise, with very good air cooling it can probably go to 3.4/3.5 Ghz, and with water just a little bit higher.
  5. don't know if 3DS Max can utilize four cores but whether or not, you'll benefit from 4 cores especially in the future where many applications will be optimized for multi cores.
    not like before, 4 cores are reaching the speeds of dual cores today, the only difference is costing a little more.
  6. Ok, I think I'll stick it out, and wait for the Phenom II. I have a K9A2 Platinum which supports the current phenoms, should I contact MSI to see if they will create updates?
  7. You might need to get a new motherboard.
  8. Just bought it Arghhh.. I have had 3 Mobos in the past year..

    Guess I will just have to wait and see what AMD says.
  9. You will be able to just drop a Phenom II on that motherboard but you won't get high overclock results due to SB600 and lack of ACC.
  10. Oh, thats ok then. I dont intend to OC it anyway..

    Thanks Guys..
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