What will actually put my cpu at 100%

Hiya, besides prime95 or any other stress things I was just wondering how your cpu gets used 100%, because...

Prime95- 65c
Crysis- 57-60c
Far Cry 2- 56c
CSS- 55c

none of these are really that close to prime 95 (except Crysis which doesn't count)
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  1. probably things like compression and encoding will get you closest to 100%. or multitasking the above.
  2. BOINC :D
    100% 24/7 for 3 years (minus some downtime every now and then)
  3. good call.

    my folding at home (CPU & GPU at the same time) runs 60-70% cpu usage at "idle"
  4. Wait for notepad to open
  5. try sisoftware sandra, its a benchmarking software, theres a benchmark called processor arithmetic which maxes out my cpu to 100% (both cores, and ive got a e6300 overclocked to 3ghz from 1.8ghz). Theres also tool within sandra called burn in computer , only select proccessor arithmetic from that list if you want it constantly at 100% and then run it.

    you can download it here
  6. Intel Burn Test. http://www.ultimate-filez.com/
    that will put some stress on your CPU.
  7. Folding@Home
  8. a malfunctioning windows driver
  9. I don't want to put it at 100% I just think that using prime to tell what it runs at what temp it runs on at max load is pointless if there are no programs that will actually put it at max load
  10. toms hardware uk site with gchq ad on it. Only a single thread though but impressive cpu usage for a frigging advert!!!!!
  11. ^+1 lol
  12. Ok, seriously - video editing and transcoding will eat all the cpu time you can give it. I transcode dvds to divx and the more cores the better. I belive supreme commander will use a lot of cores if you let it. Even if you dont max all cores doing one task, it is handy being able to do a cpu intensive task and play games will u wait
  13. bobbknight said:
    a malfunctioning windows driver

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