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The Antec 900 is on sale at Newegg for $59.99, it is a $100+ case and I recently bought one for $100 I would strongly suggest it at such a low price.
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  1. Holly **** I paid $78 for one delivered to my door.
    This is fabulous.
  2. If I were doing a build, I'd probably snatch one up. I'm tempted anyway. That's a great deal.
  3. THat is a great price. Fry's had the 900 for $59.99 a few months ago. I saw this last night:
  4. Some of the deals are outrageous. I got a 22" Acer monitor from Newegg for $149.99 free shipping(3 day), and recommended at 19" Acer for $99 aswell.
  5. I needed to get a 6 foot long, USB 2.0, A/B external cable for one of my girlfriends. The local Best Buy, Office Max, and Radio Shack wanted between $27.00 and $32.00 for one Belkin USB cable. I knew the price was too high. When I got home I checked Best Byte Computers had the Belkin Pro cable for $1.10. I purchased three cables. The total cost including first class mail was $8.10. Now if they only discounted the rest of the computer parts like that!!!
  6. I put one on my xmas list to replace my coolermaster. I have to order the fan filters to avoid the dust problem that this awesome case is plagued with.

    If anyone else is interested:
  7. Posted in wrong thread, our threads have similar titles lol, But I did pick up one for the same price at a local store near me. I saw it on newegg but wasnt sure I wanted it and hesitated till it was too late, and figured I got down to the store where I knew they had it on sale and took a look at it and reluctantly bought it, and im happy I did.

    Dam near got hit by a bunch of crazy drives on the way there as well, for some reason Black Friday means stupid and reckless drivers are out today. Sad thing is I drive an old junker im the last person most people would want to cut off and here people were trying to cut me off in their nice BMW's and Mercedes, I don't know what they were thinking.
  8. Too bad its not the NZXT Tempest on sale. Far better case in quality, looks and interior space.
  9. It's a nice looking case as it is nearly identical to the Antec 900 -- how you justify it is far better in looks I do not know. As far as quality - that I think is also opinionated (as you can see in the below cons). I think I'll stick with my Antec 900 order.



    NZXT Tempest


    * Inexpensive
    * Lots of fans
    * Good front I/O panel placement
    * Drive cages
    * Watercooling ready
    * Easy installation of 5.25 / 3.5" devices
    * Alright design for what it's worth


    * Cheap plastic finish
    * Need to remove panel to remove drive cage
    * Delicate front panel pins
    * No indents on side panels -- hard to pull them out
    * A bit loud / poor acoustics
    * No removable motherboard tray
  10. badge said:
    THat is a great price. Fry's had the 900 for $59.99 a few months ago. I saw this last night:

    I saw this just today:

    How's that for a hot deal? :D
  11. WOW! Antec Twelve Hundred for $119.00 and free shipping. It's bargain basement time.
  12. JohnnyLucky said:
    WOW! Antec Twelve Hundred for $119.00 and free shipping. It's bargain basement time.

    Yeah really. If I was building my system now I'd probably be getting this myself. Even though I really like the CoolerMaster HAF 932 (which I understand you own and seem to be quite impressed with :sol:), I'd rather save the ~$65 with the 1200 at this price.
  13. Interior space of the Antec 900 is sort of limited but enough, sometimes. The Tempest has a clean open unblocked 10 inches of space between the edge of the motherboard and the front of the case. I could Crossfire/SLi 18" video cards in this with no problem. Not to mention a server/skulltrail board with still 4-5inches before the front of the case.

    Opinion regardless, but for extreme systems with multiple/large video cards I highly susgest the Tempest over the 900.
  14. the 1200 resolved the gripe i had with the 900. i think its kind of cramped myself but there are some good deals to be had on it lately.
  15. I agree, at that sale price its a steal.
  16. I thought about the 1200 over 900 just for the fact that the 1200 has filters on the fans straight out of the box; the above link for the fan filters solved that problem for the 900.

    One gripe I had with the 1200 is the massive size plus excessive fans; I have no problem with all of that cold-air but I'm sure those fans make noise. The 900 doesn't restrict my needs in any way as I only need to fit 1 eVGA 8800 GTS 512 w\ no plans for SLi. To each his own though, both are great cases depending on your needs.
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