GA x38 ds4 *endless reboot*

Hey everyone, new poster, so take it easy on me :)

I built my computer in late feb, here are the specs

EVGA 8800GTS 512 (g92)
4Gigs of transcend pc9600 (DDR2 1200) (4x 1gb)
OCZ 700W psu
Vista ultimate 64bit

I first started to think I had a ram issue when I was getting mem dumps on rare occasion, but ran memtest on a friends comp with the ram and all sticks were fine.

After a month or 2 of random mem dumps (maybe one a month) I got the honor of getting into the dreaded endless reboots Ive heard so much about.

Once this started, 1-2 restarts and the computer would power on fine, stay up until powered off, and then start the cycle all over. Then, I started removing sticks of ram, using 1 at a time, and would get a successful power up. A few days ago I couldnt get a post to save my life, trying all 4 sticks in all 4 slots(power on for 3-5 seconds, power down, power back up) but never made it to post.

Today I tore everything apart to make sure I had no shorts, and removed everything but the essentials (keyboard gpu cpu and 1 stick of ramm (I tried all 4 again in all 4 slots) to no avail. I also tried the CMOS clearing and nothing seems to be working.

To me, it seems my ram is failing, BUT, I dont want to go out and buy more ram if my mobo is frying it... I also dont want to buy more ram if its the mobo and not the ram.

Have I missed any troubleshooting? Is there anything else I can do, or has anyone else had similar issues?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Your MB BIOS defaults the RAM voltage to 1.8v. Try going in BIOS and manually setting the RAM voltage to 2.1v. Also, set the speed and timings to the RAM Mfg.'s specifications. The NB voltage may also need a manual boost in voltage to 1.4v or so.
  2. If I could get to the bios I would do that, I get no video, nothing, no keyboard detect... just power on... then power off, PSU is good too, I just checked it at work.
  3. Found this response in another thread (ive been reading on this for a few weeks now since my issues started worsening)

    "hmm, honestly, even when i read the title of your post, i already had in mind before i read the whole thing, you have a gigabyte motherboard. recently on they pulled a model off the shelve because it had the endless reboot problem


    sadly, im building my comp in a few days and i HAVE this motherboard, so im hoping i would not get the same error, but we'll know in a few days, and they replaced that mobo with a non-faulty version [...] =X38%2bDS4

    GIGABYTE GA-EX38-DS4 ......notice the diff. model number, the X38 and the EX38. so yea.

    i am relatively confident that its your mobo (don't hold it against me) but im just telling you what i know from my mobo model and what i've read online from other people who has similar boards. why not go to your local tech. store, buy a motherboard, test it on that platform and see if it boots up? you can always return it saying its faulty. hope that helps. "

    The down side is I'm well passed the 30 day return from newegg... and the horror stories Ive heard about gigabyte's service... I might as well just go buy another mobo... Joy. Guess Im selling a 200$ paperweight.
  4. Remove the battery for about 10 minutes and try booting the system. The instructions for resetting the CMOS jumper are in the MBmanual. Also, you might try reseating the video card if you are getting 'nothing'. Same with all the cables running to the MB including the SATA cables, check them and/or reseat them.
  5. Have you tried simply unplugging the sytem from the wall for a few minutes?
  6. Have you eliminated the possibility of a faulty Start Button (switch) or reset sw?
    You can start up the PC with both disconnected from the MB by momentarily touching the power pins in the board. Power + and Power -

    Edit: Sorry incomplete info. Jump pins by touching both at the same time with end of
    screw driver or jumper wire
  7. I have tried all the above mentioned solutions, sorry if I didnt mention or make them clear.

    I recently (today) Completely tore the computer apart, (EVERYTHING, battery out and all) and rebuilt to ensure I had no shorts, so it was unplugged from the wall for a good bit of time. Power and reset are fine, checked connections with the ever so handy multimeter and it comes up well, good continuity and whatnot.

    Im still thinking its the mobo... the more I read the more I see this problem occuring. I think it just finally bit it. Hope it didnt take anything out with it.
  8. Did you set the memory to what the manufacturer (Transcend) requires in BIOS? Voltage to RAM? Also, you should bench test the machine. Use only 1 DIMM RAM in slot 1, video card, CPU/HSF and test the system outside the case.
  9. I did, before these issues started yes, and I did bench test, as stated in the first post. I forgot to put that I tested it out of the case, but I did, to no avail.
  10. Well. if you tested the system outside the case with 1 DIMM RAM, video card and CPU and still got a black screen (no POST)...then you know your problem is one of five things.


    You need spare parts to troubleshoot any further.
  11. Yeah, I know for sure its not the PSU, tested the voltages and they're pushing fine. The GPU hasnt had any issues at all and seems to be fine, whenever it posted after the "reboots" before, it would run completely stable, no other issues, not slow, no vid issues, no locks, which leads me to believe its not ram\psu\cpu. Its not that Im getting a "black screen" its that the damn thing wont even get to posting, and its not giving it enough time to even put out a vid signal. Ill see if I cant get another MB from someone and try my gear in there.

    I appreciate the help you guys have offered.
  12. Well, it sounds like your MB has gone south. Not sure what exactly, but from your description the MB appears to be defective at this point.
  13. yeah... I bought this when it first came out, few reviews, now looking at reviews, and numerous searches across many forums it seems as if many people have run into the same issue, and trying to find a "replacement" most places pulled them, and I believe GB discontinued it... after only owning it for 8 months, I hope they dont hassle me on the RMA... but I'm sure it wont be a cut and dry easy process... This is the last GB product I purchase, thats for sure.

    Thanks again.
  14. I have ga-ex38-ds4 rev 1.0. I have had very few problems with it. The only prob i had was my bios quit savingm, out of the blew, 2 months ago. I fixed it with a bios update. Bios F6a beta. I love my EX38-DS4. Very easy overclocker and mine has been very stable.

    1. Do another clear cmos like this.... Disconnect the power and turn the psu switch off. Pushed the pc power button to clear all the capacitors.

    2. Flash new bios. If it boots up. enter bios. load fail safe, save and exit. Qflash the newest bios, version beta F6a. This bios fixed a lot of my other little issues.

    3. Borrow a buddies power supply. Try it.

    if it comes back up, go here and download and install all the updates

    if all else fails, RMA it. Gigabyte will RMA the board. Go to:

    and fill out the contact. They usually get back to you withing a couple of days. Gigabyte customer service has always worked with me.
  15. You've got the EX, the revised X from what I've read. I havent read any issues with that.

    My bios was having OC issues, (not saving the bios settings) so I replaced the bios battery, that solved that issue, then this garbage started. Hopefully they send me an EX back instead of the X-38. I love the board and the options... but this has left a sour taste in my mouth, and its getting more and more bitter with every forum post I read in regards to the X-38.

    Ah well, thanks! :)
  16. Sigh... Gigabytes awesome support at work... waited 2 days for this (I edited my first question, first submitted 28 dec, when I updated it upped it to 29 dec.

    Patrick [ pat30327]
    Sent : 12/31/2008 14:17
    Question : Did you even bother to read my question, Ive already done that. I waited 2 days for this response?

    Please re-read. EVERYTHING works in another motherboard... No post in this one... Im pretty sure Ive narrowed it down to the motherboard... hopefully I wont have to wait 2 more days for another response.

    Answer - 697008
    Answer : Hi,

    Please remove all components from the motherboard except for the following:

    - cpu along with heatsinkfan
    - one stick of memory
    - videocard

    If the same issue still persist at this point then you will need to swap out these components one at a time. If no issue please reinsert back the remaining components back into your motherboard one at a time to determine which may be the cause of the issue.

    Thank you
    Question - 697008
    From : Patrick [ pat30327 ]
    Sent : 12/29/2008 06:15
    Question : I purchased this whole system in February and every has been working fine until recently. Now, my system will not post, and continually restarts after about 5-10 seconds.

    I have tried my build on another motherboard and everything works fine. I have researched this issue, and it seems to be a pretty common one with this board to which there is no fix I can find. I have tried resetting the cmos, new ram, tested all my voltages, and as I said, everything else works fine on another motherboard. I tested it with just the necessary parts (cpu gpu ram and keyboard with all 4 sticks of ram 1 at a time, and 4 new sticks of ram 1 at a time) and still could not get a post. I have owned this 200$ paperweight for less than a year and it appears to be shot. Any help would be greatly appreciated, but I dont think its a quick fix, I'm pretty sure my board will have to be replaced. I see that this board was pulled from where I bought it due to the Endless Rebooting issue, and shortly after the EX-38 came out, so its apparent people know about this problem happening more frequently than it should.

    Model Name : GA-X38-DS4
    M/B Rev : 1
    BIOS Ver : ?
    Serial No. :
    Purchase Dealer : Newegg
    VGA Brand : Nvidia Model : 8800 gts
    CPU Brand : Intel Model : q6600 Speed : 2.4ghz
    Operation System : Vista 64-bit SP :
    Memory Brand : Transend Type : DDRII
    Memory Size : 4 1gig sticks Speed : pc9600 ddr2 1200
    Power Supply : 700 W

    No overclocking done ever.

    Not sure as to which bios version is loaded now, it started dumping the bios' and reverting back the day before the board crapped out.
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