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So I'm thinking of getting a cheap desktop computer with a little omp and support for Virtualization. My main uses are mostly software development, HTPC (for watching only), general office tasks and rare gaming if any.

There is some great deals on the Phenom 9600 Agena X4 Black Edition (but I don't overclock) + Asus Motherboard for $150 and I wonder if it is worth it since I considered just getting a Dell Quad Core for $500 on the cheap.

Here are the questions:

1. How does the Phenom 9600 stack against an Intel C2Q on stock fan in the noise department? My past experience has seen that the C2D E6300 was significantly quieter than my AMD X2 3800+.

2. How much performance improvement can I expect going from E4300 to the Phenom 9600 (enabling the TLB bug fix)? I have looked at the charts and they aren't very descriptive to me since there are many and some lack the correct part.

3. What is the TLB bug actually do and what does exactly the fix do? I have a good understanding of what TLB's are. Is it disabling the faulty core?

4. What performance hit can one expect with the TLB fix enabled? It also seems AMD cheaps is highly unbalanced when it came to performance. For instance it appears integer operations are slow, while floating point is really good. Intel seems to have balanced performance across the board.

5. Is it realistic that I can get an Intel Quad CPU with a quality motherboard for less than $200?

Answer to any of those questions would be much appreciated.
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  1. If you turn of the TLB fix (i have no idea why you would...) you will see a performance hit compared to the e4300.

    The TLB bug is a tiny errata in the L2 cache that was hella-exaggerated by intel fanboys. There is no practical reason to enable the fix unless you render geographical mapping in a huge server rack.

    about #5, probably not.
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