Hey guys, I have a Shuttle and barely have an space for a fan on my processor ...the shuttle i have is the SG31G2 ...i have little space inside...anybody know a good "small" fan to use on my processor? the one that came with my processor won't fit inside the shuttle. Thanks alot.
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    what a tiny case you have !!! well, i think you might take one off these
    ZALMAN ! nice one, the best you can get with the space you have i think.
    SIZE: 120(L) X 123(W) X 67(H)mm
    or this baby thermaltake cooler, seems nice, have good reviews
    Fan Dimensions 80 x 80 x 20mm
    Heatsink Dimensions 90.2 x 84.3 x 39.0mm

    The zalman is a bit tall, by 10mm, and way larger by 40mm

    Its up to you !
  2. Thanks for the help man ..I'll look into that ZALMAN.
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