Does this sound like a dying MB (ASUS K8V SE Deluxe)?

Scenario: Took HTPC out and dusted it off w/compressed air (did not open case). Hooked it back up and when I hit the power button the systems LEDs would light, fans would start for about 1-2 seconds. Then it would shut off. After some troubleshooting, I figured out the system would stay running if I removed at least one of the two SATA drives. It didn’t matter which one, but only one could be plugged in.

Bought another power supply, problem went away. Systems POSTs fine, then the Black XP screen appears for a bit, then when it should present the login window, the screen goes black. I tried multiple video cards, and displays.

My next course was to reinstall windows. The windows build process starts, gets to the point where I have to define the partition, and then format. Each time the install fails claiming the HD has issues that prevent it from formatting at about 14%. So I tried an entirely different HD, same results. The BIOS looks good, HDs are recognized.

I’m looking at replacing the MB, but since it is socket 754 I need to go with a new CPU & RAM as well. I don’t mind this so much, but the system performs quite well for its usage, and I hate to waste money if these parts are not bad…
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  1. sounds like mobo to me if you could get it on windows, at all you could find out if it was detechting its chipset if not this might have been your problem, in this case you will need a upgrade sorry
  2. My Bart PE Boot disk also seems to work fine, but none of the programs on my BART PE disk seem to work with the hard drive(s). Begining to suspect something is amis witht he SATA controller...
  3. try installing the SATA storage controller ? the disk that comes with the mobo should be boot compatible meaing you should be able to boot your comp of it than make a floppy disk(if using XP) tp put the SATA driver on, when installing XP go to load drivers and stick in the floppy, if that don't work the mobo storage chips gone wrong in some way, or its the HDDs themselves

    who makes your HDDs?
  4. The drives are Seagate Barracuda 7200.8. When I first built the machine I had bought two of these 250gb each, I had since removed the second one and added a 500gb.

    I don't think it is the SATA drivers in this instance because windows actaully properly sees the HDs at partiton option. It is at the format operation that fails.
  5. cna you try them on another mobo? just to rule it out?

    and if you go to seagate, download thier dionostic tools for DOS, burn it onto CD using ISO if possible than boot your PC on it and run the long test on both than hte asuctic test
  6. Go to segate or get the drive tools for segate windows and test the drive on another board. If drive fails then you know that the drive was bad.....I think it is more along the lines of a chip or pots or dust in the cable sata or connector. Take it down each peice at a time and inspect all connections. Plug in and unplug drives and mem ect.....Then load windows on a clean formatted drive or array of drives. Also check the bios chip on the drive to see if it is loose. Before you touch any part inside you computer make sure you are grounded and static free. Some guys like to touch the turned off power supply first the work on the hardware.

    Keep us up to date and I do not think it is a failed drive. Not how they fail most of the time. I think it is a connection from either oil or propane in the air pushing dust into the connections......Give it a good once over and try to format each drive on another system then rebuild your disks with xp.

  7. I took the Segate drive to work with me today and tested it on my bench PCs. At first I simply added it via the second SATA channel and booted to windows. I was able to copy the contents of one of the partitions. When I tried the next partition the computer pretty much locked up. Successive reboots all produced the same results. The computer would be useless when that drive was connected. I tried booting into my BartPE disc, and strait into a DOS environment.

    I downloaded and created a Segate DOS CD. It would boot fine, but once the license page came up it wouldn’t do a thing. I tried two PCs, I tried both USB and PS2 mice/keyboards. On my bench PC I found a SATA HD test in the BIOS, it failed the drive due to unknown electrical problems.

    The second drive in the system is a WD 500gb drive, it seems fine in all environments. I have the original Segate 250gb drive that the 500gb WD replaced I will test it tomorrow, since it to wouldn’t load windows. It was working fine when I pulled it out.

    I’ve decided to upgrade the system anyway, but I suspect the MB had something to with these power issues, just can’t prove it.
  8. Have you done a low level format with out checking the drive for the utility. I do not see very meney drives fail. Most are just messed up bio's from static. You might try to go to the site and get a flash update. Most new sata drives can take a flash for the MFG. It sounds like the disk might be ok.
    Get a friend with a sata board to put the disk on a test system and run a good format on it.

    Do not check it or anything......Just let the software see it and go for the low level formats and kill it
    Then format it

    Check this out....

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