Thermal paste dilemma

Tomorrow I'll get my new case ( Antec 1200 ) and with that I'll be able to replace my stock cooling for my GPU ( Sapphire HD 4890 ) with a Accelero Twin Turbo and for the CPU ( Phenom II x3 720 be ) with a Xigmatek Achiles.

I also got some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste ... should I install those after market coolers with their own ( already applied ) thermal paste or should I clean it up and use my own ?

I'm mostly curious about the GPU ( since my CPU doesnt heat up that much anyway ... and the cooler there is just for looks :) ) I will use the stock heatsink over the VRMs and RAM and I dont know how that looks underneath but I think I'll use AS5 there too.

BTW : I'm not much of an overclocker, I do it when I get my system to see how far I can take it and then I return it to the default settings, and I don't have that much experience applying thermal paste but I checked out some youtube videos to see what are the best methods of applying and decided on the "few blobs in the middle and then spread it uniformly and thinly all over the chip" approach.
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  1. I have never been a fan of supplied TIM, If it comes in a packet it usually is the runny white stuff and doesn't seem to perform very well. If it is pre-applied I usually remove it with some artic-clean solution and apply fresh TIM as I am not inclined to trust TIM compound that may have been the cheapest leg in the design process of the cooler.

    Please take some considerate precaution when attempting to apply a liquid TIM to ram sinks, generally there is a reason that a thermal pad is used rather than liquid TIM in these cases as clearances can be distant enough to warrant the use of a thermal pad rather than liquid or paste, this could possibly cause a gap that would drastically reduce cooling performance.

    As for the GPU, you may see nominal improvement on applying AS5 however if the GPU sink rests also over the ram and VRM of the card, new thermal pads may need to be acquired first.
  2. Actually what it means by "few blobs in the middle" means that put it thicker in the middle and not as thick on the sides. That is because the heatsink will eventually be squeezed very tight onto the processor. Also, i think that it is a good idea to use arctic 5 but since you're not a super overclocker genius and such, it wont really make much of a difference if you just stick in arctic 5.
  3. oh yea but make sure to watch out for your cpu temps if the stock paste doesn't do the job
  4. Thank you for the info :)

    Ended up using AS 5 on GPU cuz I installed and removed it twice now ... damn hot VRMs ... any1 know if Twin Turbo is compatible with Thermalright VRM-R2 ?

    I removed the stock cooling on the GPU but kept the cooling plate and installed TT over it ... however I am not satisfied with VRM temps ... they didn't break 90 C with stock cooling ... tho GPU was 85ish under load ... now GPU doesn't break 55 under load but VRM reaches 110 C ... and I also get blue screens when I run the stability test with Furmark and VRM temps reach 100

    Going to remove it again and install the heatsinks that came with TT to see if they are any better... if not I'm going to order that Thermalright VRM2 ... but since i have a AM3 socket and a Xigmatek Achilles i only was able to mount it 90 degrees from normal position ( fan is underneath it ) and had to move rams to farthest slots cuz of the cpu radiator so i doubt the VRM-R2 would fit ... unless I could maybe move the GPU to the other PCIx slot, but I think i remember form the mobo manual ( GA790FXT UD5P) that u need to install the video card in the 1st slot wont work on the 2nd one ?

    CPU temps are insanely low ( 24 C room temp ) and CPU temp used to be 45ish on idle and up to 75 in load ( don't remember individual core temps ) now with Xigmatek Achilles its 31 C idle ( 24 C individual cores !!! ) and wont break 40 under load :)
  5. Cool,we have the Xigmatek Achilles and the Super Thermal Grease on the list too.
    At least now we know what to exspect from it.Thanks.
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