HDD or MoBo problem? Please help

I have recently had issues with my PC and at first suspected a virus or HDD issue, but would like some more seasoned opinions as I do not have that much experience with these types of problems.

First off, some of my system specs (home build): Built arround 1-1.5 years ago.
Mobo: MSI p45 Platinum
CPU: E8500
GPU: 8800 GT
Ram 2 x 2 G Corsair
HDD: 500 G Phillips and 500 G Samsung
OS: (was) XP SP2

My problem was first encountered while playing wow, I crashed and hung forcing a restart. WoW had crashed before, so I was not overly concerned, however upon trying to restart wow it would not load and began to progress less far each time I attempted to run the program. I ran the Blizz repair function, it said wow was F'd up and attempted to repair it. During this time things really started going down hill and after a few restarts and no major changes on my part I was getting a NTLDR is missing error and the PC wouldn't start at all. I could still load to BIOS but that was it. (PC was at one time a XP/7 dual boot, but since took the 7 hard drive out and never got arround to changing the boot menu so it would come up as dual boot and I would just choose XP.)

Solutions I tried:

Repairing windows with XP cd: didn't help

Fixing boot log from recovery console: didn't help

Reseting CMOS: no help

Changing boot order in bios: no help

Resetting bios via power off and battery removal: no help

Trying in different HDD configuration (1 vs 2, different ports, etc..) no help

New install of XP: unable to complete install, it will say it is unable to write certain files during the install process and I have to choose to skip that file in order to proceed. This install did not work and repairing it was no benifit.

New install of Windows 7: error message at 5-10% of install, exits out of install.

Installed windows 7 on different PC, took out hdd and attempted start up in problem pc: Got to start up and then crashed at first, then BSoD earlier and earlier in start up.

Wiping both HDD's with GParted and attempting windows 7 retail install: unable to complete install - it produces an error message at about 5 % of install on first go, second time it gave error message right away, 3rd time BSoD before even loading windows install program. Also had issues loading mouse as I progressed through install issues.

I am able to load to BIOS and run GParted from live cd with no problem.

Every solution I try seems to get to a certain point then as I try to work though the problem it seems to regress and fail at an earlier and earlier time in the process. This occurs with both the intial HDD and the second one I tried to bring in. I first suspected a virus or HDD problem, but with inability to wipe and even install Windows 7 at all makes me suspect MoBo issue. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help.
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  1. While it is unusual to have two bad HDDs, it is possible. Try running the Samsung HDD utilities on your samsung HDD, especially looking for errors, reading/writing problems, and bad sectors. I haven't heard of Phillips HDDs (and google did not help me find it), but if you have their support website, you download their diagnostic software - again looking for errors, bad sectors, etc.

    If you have bad sectors or other problems you should replace the bad HDD(s), then re-install Windows.
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