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My Dell 8400 PC had three SATA hard drives running. SATA 0 had the XP OS on it, SATA 1 & 2 were set up in a Raid 1 array for data back up.

All was well until the OS drive went bad.

I installed a new drive and reinstalled a fresh copy of XP.

Problem is that now the OS does not see my Raid volume in My Computer. All three drives are visible in bios and the pc boots smoothly.

How can I get XP to see the Raid 1 volume without losing any data on the Raid 1 volume?

Any help is very much appreciated.
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  1. Install RAID drivers
    RAID1 array should be detected
    My Computer should list drive letters on RAID1 volume
  2. Thanks for reply.

    I thought I had installed the RAID drivers from the Dell driver resource CD after OS installation. Is this not the case?
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