New PC build..Need your Expert recomendations!


Budget is around £1500,

Requirements from the system: Quiet, Good multi tasker, fRAG! at hi specs!, Watch movies and stuff in Hi def.. :D be upgradeable in future so i dont constanly buy a new PC..

So far i have:

CPU Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, Yorkfield Core, S775, 2.83 GHz, 1333MHz, 12MB L2 Cache, Retail

Mobo Asus Rampage Formula, S775, PCI-E 2.0 (x16), DDR2 1066/1200/667/800, SATA II, SATA RAID, ATX

GFX 2GB Power Color HD4870X2, PCI-E2.0, 3600MHz GDDR5, GPU 750MHz, 1600 Cores, CrossFire, (planning on adding another in xfire in a few months maybe..)

HD 1TB (1000 GB) Samsung HD103UJ Spinpoint F1, SATA 300, 7200 rpm, 32MB Cache, 8.9 ms, NCQ

Not sure what else to put in tbh, Case i cant decide on nor a good PSU...

My last PC had problems wth over heating and i dont want to have similar ones with this one, a good recomendation for a fan would be welcome :D

Also what ram is better? is there much diffrence between the 800 and 1066? i have become a Really big n00b since a few years ago and dont know squat now...

Thanks a lot for ur help I look forward to your recomendations...
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  1. You know that Intel is going to release Nehalem in a few weeks right? If you want maximum upgradability I say wait a few weeks to get an x58 board and go from there.
  2. case is up to you really it's a matter of preference... for that kind of rig i would say antec twelve hundred or some psycho thermaltake case :P
  3. You do not need 1066 RAM unless you are going to overclock a long way. However, lately there have been some really good deals on 1066. Only buy the referenced Reapers if you like the price (and I own them).

    While the listed PSUs might work, I would not personally use anything less than Corsair 1000W for two 4870X2 in CF:

    For one, yes a 750 is fine.

    Antec 900 is a good case. Lots of air flow.

    This is a good choice for CPU cooling, comes with good paste pre-applied:
  4. Thnks for the replies so far. The more i think about it the more i conclude that i probably wont be OCing all that much TBH... if thats the case is the mobo not an over kill? what are some good cheaper alternatives? that have the same performance just not the OCin abilities..
  5. The mobo features are not an overkill if you plan to crossfire HD 4870 X2s, you will need the x16/x16 on the PCI-E slots, however those ASUS boards, especially the X48 ones, are beyond overpriced. The motherboard I would suggest for your build would be an X38 board instead, retains most if not all the overclocking capabilities (which is just a bonus in this situation), has x16/x16 for crossfire, and is a HELL of a lot cheaper:

    DFI Lan Party DK X38-T2R Intel X38 (Socket 775) PCI-Express DDR2 Motherboard
  6. So far i got this from

    Am i missing anything out?? recomendations welcome

    Thanks for alla help so far btw :)
  7. There are a few things I wouldn't get/get different, but that's just personal preference like I rather have a WD/Seagate/Hitachi drive over a Samsung or Maxtor and I would get a slightly better CPU cooler. (But I would be OC'ing quite a bit also... so I guess it doesn't really apply to you)

    Overall looks great, I hope you enjoy your build :)
  8. there are so many CPUcoolers to choose from, i dont know which one to use, i saw the Artic pro 7s name a few times thats why i included...
    Btw im not going to get the stuff from its just their site has a good layout so easier to get an idea of sys price...

    I read somewhere the Samsung was a better one then seagate? WD is good but bit pricier and i dont think much (noticeable?) diff in performance...

    But i am a reall noob so i do need the help....
  9. Get the Kensington HyperX PC6400 2x2GB kit. I would have linked it but the URL was like a page long for some reason ;) There is nothing wrong with your choice, just overkill.

    The DFI motherboard is a good deal, and would work if money was tight.

    The ASUS Rampage Formula (x48) is a better performer with more features, and you can afford it at 170.00.

    That looks like quite a deal on the Blu-ray drive. Good to see they are coming down.
  10. Ah check out this site and see what you can match then:

    I recommend the Xigmatek IF you can also buy the bolt-down bracket... but I think they are not available in the UK.
  11. Yeah, I mean... Samsung is good don't get me wrong, but when I give advice I try to think of what I would get for myself if I were in your shoes. I don't have any bad experiences with samsung drives, but to me my data is very important and I trust those 3 brands above over Samsung and Maxtor, as I said only personal preference.

    I think it was stated in an article at some point that the X48 chipset was not really worth it paying a huge premium over an X38 board. It retains the same crossfire capabilities, even though it doesn't officially say it, it's more than capable of doing 1600FSB and I think with proper cooling maybe even 500FSB just like the X48.

    The X38 board also supports RAID arrays just as good as the X48s would, comes with gigabit ethernet (do you REALLY need the dual gigabit on the X48...?), same amount of USB ports, same amount of SATA connections... need I go on?

    The only tangible differences between the DFI X38 and Rampage formula are the $100 difference (Think it's like $140-150 in the UK), the dual gigabit ethernet, and the "official" 1600FSB support, which is more a gimmick than anything else.

    Best air cooler out there:

    Thermalright Ultra-120 EXTREME CPU Heatpipe Heatsink

    and a 120mm fan (any will do), like this:

    Scythe S-FLEX 1600RPM Ultra Quiet 120mm Fan - 3/4 Pin
  12. thanks a lot for all the comprehensice has helped me a lot :)

    I will post a "revised build" 2moro morning...ive definatly been sold by the x38 mobos, and cant wait to have it all set up.

    One thing to note is, i am not 100% competant with PC, well i can put em togather and stuff fine, just when little things go wrong i am not the best person to deal with it....

    Are there any companies that will provide support for a home built PC that u know of? (this isnt really all that important as i got a pretty savy friend who is willling to help out, i just dont like burdening him too much if can be helped..)....

    Thanks again for all the help! saved me 200£ :D
  13. No problem, I just can't stand those ridiculously priced X48 boards, especially if they don't offer anything worthwhile compared to the previously overpriced X38.

    Um I would look into a computer shop on your area for that type of maintenance, maybe also ask help on this forum. I'm not one to have an issue and not being able to fix it, but this forum helped me out of a tight spot a few months back when I replaced a dead MoBo and had a serious incompatibility issue that had me baffled, so don't underestimate the help of the internet guys, you can probably fix a lot of the problems on your own with our help and learn A LOT in the process.
  14. This crossfire roundup is fairly extensive:

    It's quite true that the x38 chipset is only a few frames per second slower than the x48. However, by the same argument, the P45 chipset is the best deal as it costs less than the other chipsets and is only a few frames per second slower.
  15. yah i hate X48's with a passion :)
  17. So from that article all i got is that x38 is "good enough" esp as its so much cheaper then the x48s...

    But one other thing i started to notice... is my GFX bit of an over kill? should i put 2 lower models into xfire for cheaper?
  18. wonkydonk said:

    I am reeally tempted to use but i have just had a bad experiance from them.

    Bought a Prebuilt PC for £1400, but it came in really bad pakaging and had water all over it.. (left in the rain maybe?) the customer support wasnt great, firstly cudnt get through, then they would never call u back when they say they would... i decided to get a refund on the thing before my time ran out.. save hasstle later on, but i think the problem there was with the OC they did on the machine (wasnt stable)....

    Im not sure if i should give em another chance tbh, they do use Citylink which imo is a pretty crap delivary service...
    But they did give me a 10% off (on the PC i bought) so if i can get that again on this order maybe i should try them again?

    Bought a few things from em before and they aint been too bad.. just not too good either and PC left a bitter taste in mouth....

    lol this turnd into a bit of a rant...

    So yea Im confused as to weather a 4870x2 might be an over kill, i have a 24" and 22" monitor setup both pretty standard ones at that (may invest in a new monitor soon or maybe a TV?) so im not sure... input welcome
  19. I don't think the HD 4870 X2 for a 1920x1200 screen, however if you get CF HD 4850 instead you won't be disappointed either, you can be sure of that.
  20. yea, keep in mind i am going to be adding another 4870x2 later on in Xfire, and MORE then likly have a 30" within a years time... (maybe a bigger screen in a TV? bt that is for later on haha)....
  21. Looks like a nice build mate, I've decided to go with an almost exact copy of what you posted there. Speaking of Hard drives, I've heard the samsung f1 1tb is a great HD and is as fast as the 640 WD. Don't have any source on that atm though.

    Regards, Alex
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