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help 9800 gtx or 280 and sli 9800 gtx and 260

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a b U Graphics card
October 1, 2008 6:00:45 PM


'i have a lot of questions about and i am new in this site and i am very that i am member
and i ask my apo,olgizes first for the so many question which i have and i want your help please; ok;;please;;

i have 9800 gtx and i have some questions

my 9800gtx will be good for to play the newest games in 2009;;

will i have to change my 9800 and to buy in cristsmas the gtx 280 or 260΄΄;;;

are there links to see if there is big difference in pc games performance between my 9800 gtx and 280 or 260

and if it is nessasery to jump into gtx280΄΄;;;

will i see any difference between 9800 gxt and gtx 280΄΄¨΄;; in fps΄΄΄΄;;;

can you advise me what to do;;

to stay with my 9800 until the end of 2009;; or to buy another card until summer;;

what the sites tells about the 9800 gxt and 280;; gtx

i am playing in 1280 @ 1020 revolusion΄΄; is it good;;

my question is

if somepne has 9800 gtx is it nessesary to go in 260 or 280;;

will i see in graphics something difference between 9800 gtx and 260 and 280;;

i hava read some articles which say that 9800 gtx and 280 and 260 in pc games in not big diffrence

am i right;;

can i see some bench marks with sites if you have to see the difference between 9800 gtx and 280 ;;

do i have to change my 9800 and to jump into 280΄΄΄΄;;; or 260΄΄΄΄΄΄;;;;

will i play with my 9800 gtx the pc games like diablo 3 and more games;;

my question is is there any big diffrerence in 9800 gtx and 260 and 280 in revolutions more than 1280 * 1024;;

are you sugested me to stay with my 9800 and to buy another card in 5 months;;

until this 5 months will i be able to play the games in 2009 with my 9800 gtx very good;;

and one more

i want to buy a new monitor 26 size

i am between in 2 monitors and i want your advize

the monitors are samsung sm-t260hd and lg w2600hp -bf

which is the best΄΄¨΄;;

the lg uses s-ips panel

and samsung uses tn panel

which is the best panel for pc games and movies΄΄΄΄;;;

s-ips panel has a big diference with tn panel;;

what to buy΄΄;;

can you give me informations about these 2 monitors΄΄;

advantages and disavantages΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄;;;;

samsung has tn panel

and lg has s-ips panel

which is the best΄΄΄΄;;

and why say that s-ips panel is beter than tn panel΄΄΄΄;;;

please;; can you help about these 2 monitors

which is the the best ΄΄΄΄;;\

the first panel of lg uses s-ips panel

and the samsung uses tn panel

what to buy and why΄΄;;

26 or 24 size;;;

samsung has tn panel

and lg has s-ips panel

what is the best ΄΄;;;

will i see big difference in tn panels and s-ips panels in pc games and movies;;

and one more thing to buy 26 size or 24 size;;;

for pc games and movies΄΄;;

they say that s-ips panels is better than tn panels΄΄;;

in pc games will i see any difference;;;;

and one more

will my 9800 gtx will hold until easter in pc games;; and

if my 9800 gtx plays good in revolutions 1600 * 1280;;

and 9800 gtx has the same performance in pc games such as gtx280 and 260;;

is there big difference in 9800 gtx and 280 and 260;;

can you help me please;;

and one more this model of samsung sm-t260hd lcd tv is good΄΄;;;;

is better than lg tft w2600hp-bf;;;;;

can you aswere me in the question which i have please;;

first i have some questions

my 9800 will it hold until easter to play pc games΄΄΄;;; will it play in revolytion 1600 * 1280΄΄;;

is there big difference in pc games graphics my 9800 with 260 and 280;;

will i see any difference΄΄΄΄;;

when the new cards of nvdia will come;;

and to buy samsung or lg΄΄΄΄;;;

lg has s-ips pane;l

and samsung has tn pane;l

which to choose and why;;\

and more thing

are there links which i can see in bencmarks how close is my 9800 gtx against 280 and 260΄΄΄΄;;

is it worth to buy gtx 260 and 280΄΄;; will it be difference in pc games performance΄΄;;

can you analyze answers in the questions which i have please;;;


in which sites i can see how close is my 9800 gtx with the another 2 cards΄΄;;;
will my 9800 gtx play the games for 2009;;; in revolutions 1600 @ 1280;;;

9800 gtx has the same performance in pc games like 280 and 260;;

i dont like ati

and will i buy samsung or lg;;

and when nvidia cards will come΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄΄;;;;;the new;;;

and what is the difference between tn panels and s-ips panels΄΄΄;;;

sumsung or lg to buy;;

go in this link

and look what they say aboyt 9800 280 and 260

\and then after you read the article

can you explain me what they say please;

if will buy one more 9800 gtx and i will do sli 2 9800 gtx

the 2 9800 gtx will have the same performance like gtx280 and 260΄΄΄΄;; for revolutions 1900 * 1280;;

can you help me please;;

to buy one more 9800 gtx΄΄΄΄΄΄;;

can you help me please;
a b U Graphics card
October 1, 2008 6:25:26 PM

a b U Graphics card
October 1, 2008 8:18:41 PM

I wouldnt go from a 9800 to a 260, not enough of a jump. I'd stick with what you have for now.
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October 1, 2008 8:24:53 PM
March 1, 2009 6:06:10 AM

It seems that the 9800 GX2 would work better for more high end games than the 280 so if u have one dont upgrade its more of a downgrade and if u have a 9800GTX or GTX+ just SLI it it will probably be cheaper that getting a 280 and it will have a higher fps. However, as i am not a pro please don't base ur judgement of this. It's my opinion

If you are the super hardcore gamer u might wanna check out nvidia's new 3d glasses and monitor for 600. I heard it's pretty good.
March 18, 2009 3:17:12 PM

i just sold my 9800gtx+ because i wanted to upgrade to the xfx gtx260black
its true the cost might not be worth the increase...but theyre practically giving these things away when you look at the retail bundles....

but anyway, if you plan on staying single card setup then keep your 9800 for now. If you plan on going sli in the future, then i say buy a 260/280 now, and another one later to break the cost apart. do not sli your 9800 it is not worth it ~$300+.