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About six ears ago I built my first PC. I used a Cooler Master Praetorian case because it has a removable mobo tray. That made it really easy to not only mount the mobo, but also all of the components to the mobo first as well the psu & drives.
Well, obviously, it's about time to retire the ol' boy. One reason being two of the three memory slots went dead and it doesn't have any PCI slots. Mobo, chips, etc are not a concern right now. What I'd like is to find a good case that also has a removable mobo tray. I definitely do not want to have windows, or lights, or other superfluous and ludicrous crap. The machine will be for surfing, writing, and backups with some photoediting.
Any reasonable suggestions?
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  1. Lian Li

    Any of there full towers.

    Silverstone TJ-series

    Coolermaster ATCS 840
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