New E8500 system, suggestions?

Im building my 2nd PC, this is for gaming, graphics/photo editing and general use:

Intel E8500 (3.16GHz, 6MB L2)
Asus P5Q Pro (P45/ICH10R)
8GB Corsair DHX DDR2-800MHz
XFX GTX 260, Black edition (Clock running at 2.3GHz)
2x750GB Samsung HDDs with 32MB cache in RAID 0 (I wouldve done 2x500 but these are so cheap :kaola: )
Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer

Corsair PSU 650W (Main question; is this enough!?) Do I need more power? The GPU is an overclocked edition plus I have 2 HDDs

Any other suggestions? Please post opinions, I'd like some feedback before I go and buy this stuff.
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  1. dont get the Nvidia GTX 260 get the ATI radeon 4870 wich offers better perfromance than the 260.
  2. ^+1

    The corsair should be fine. My corsair 520 runs 2 HDD, 4870, and OCd q6600
  3. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate them.

    About the GPU, I found some charts that showed GTX260 being a faster card on some benchmarking tests and 4870 faster on other ones. Overall seems that they are pretty much even? However, this is an an overclocked edition Im getting at a relatively cheap price so I thought I'd go with it.

    About the PSU, should I take future upgrades into consideration? The most likely upgrade I will do in the following 1 year will be adding another GPU in SLI. That would of course require a lot more power. So should I target for that and buy the PSU accordingly, so that I don't have to buy a new one when I upgrade?
  4. lol i think you just answered your own question!
    There is no disadvantage to buying a more capable PSU for SLI support now, and the disadvantage would be the cost of another PSU down the line. You seem sure you want to go down that route so get an SLI PSU
  5. Oh, one more question:
    Asus P5Q Pro supports Crossfire, but there's no mention on SLI. These are basically the same thing for nvidia cards, right? Or do I need a special motherboard to hook up two nvidia cards?
  6. Down to the chipset on the board, needs to be SLI enabled, or Crossfire enabled. Im not aware of a board that supports both
  7. pr2thej said:
    Down to the chipset on the board, needs to be SLI enabled, or Crossfire enabled. Im not aware of a board that supports both

    Skulltrail and many of the new X58 board can run either.

    The P5Q is a P45 and so supports only crossfire ie. ATI multi-card setups.
  8. the skull trail from intell does, but it is slower than the equivilant Nvidia board, they are a little more expensive, but the crossfire and sli support is there but not that great compared to more dedicated boards.

    I would recommend the 4870 now and another later, or even 2 4850 in crossfire now with the intent to add a 4850x2 later.

    the price for 2 4850's are very close to that of the gtx260 and 4870, as long as u shop about, there are normally some great deals out there.

    2 4850 in crossfire are alot faster than the 4870 and gtx260 in more than enough apps and games to warrent the move, but this is entirely down to your preference,
  9. Pico_w said:

    XFX Black edition does feature 216sp
  10. The GTX260 with 216 shaders overclocked for only $250 can pawn a GTX280 in some games.
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