WIll this cpu work with my motherboard

I have a MSI 945gm3 Motherboard.

Does it support 45nm processors, im looking to get the Core 2 Duo Processor E7300
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  1. Afraid not, according to MSI's compatibility chart.

    MSI CPU compatibility chart
  2. Ok, would you say the Core 2 Duo Processor E4600 would be better than the p4 3.4ht
  3. is there a way to show the 4600 and 3.4 compare? Like I play games online and do you think it would give me more fps.

    Mainly what im trying to do is get the a core 2 duo that will work alot better but also workin my mobo
  4. wait wait wait, nevermind I got the wrong impression from your message, When you said any core 2 would be much better than the p4, then it said Not exactly the e4600 "thinking you saying it sucks lol" but I just figured out you mean this is not exactly the 4600 but the 4300.
  5. Oh. Sorry.
    THG did not have an E4600, so I just compared a few Pentium 4s with the E4300, and the P4s were pretty much - beat. So, just imagine what the E4600 could do against them.

    Hope it helps.
  6. yea, my current cpu is the p4 3.4 650, and the one's you compared a core 2 1.8ghz the 4300 to the p4 3.8 570 and it beasted it. So I should see a pretty good amount of improvement.
  7. Yes, you should definitely see a good amount of improvement.

    Of course, it depends also to your GPU, especially in gaming.
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