What are some good cheap PCI-e 1x or PCI cards?

I just got a computer with a PCI Express 1x slot and a PCI slot. No 16x slot. Are there any decent cheap video cards that would improve the look of vista for me? Not going to game or anything.
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  1. I replaced the integrated graphics in a Dell3100 that had gone bad with this Nvidia 6200.
    They noticed no difference between it and their old integrated video down to video quality, frame rates of games at same settings. So you'd have to go to a more powerful card for any noticeable difference.
    The PCI cards are pretty limited and pretty expensive.. Here's a chart showing comparative power of graphic cards.
    The X1550 and the 2400 PRO should be a bit better, but they're not cheap.
    I really can't say if they'd be an improvement to what you already have. Good luck.
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