My Kaspersky protection is due to be renewed very soon. Before I spend another £40 I would be appreciate it if anybody could advise me on a cheaper, and effective, alternative. Would it be possible to get good internet security by running Windows firewall and some free antivirus/antispyware software such as AVG? Or should I stick with Kaspersky? Thanks
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  1. Thanks, will try them both :)
  2. try avira its install and forget very good one

    avg's days was back in the day now avira bring it
  3. Will check them out, need cheaper alternative to Kaspersky at the moment. Having to run computer on the cheap.
  4. I think there are quite a few options...I tried Quick Heal it's comparatively cheaper and they are giving extended licences so you can check it out at cricket
  5. There would be nothing better than to renew your current anti virus.
    There are plenty of cheap security systems, but they don't protect your system like a real professional antivirus.
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