Hey guyz m a kind of a beginner...
I needed to clarify the term "crossfire"

I bougth an asus m4a78em/1394 mobo.a friend of mine suggested to me to take an ati gfx rather than the normal nvidia.he just said it will siut the board more.

something related to crossfire... So can i get some help relating to that i can go ahead n buy a gfx/...
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  1. CrossFire is the link or technology called wherein you have 2 video cards working together to do one task (which is render the graphics on games). Ideally with crossfire, you need a motherboard with 2 PCI-E x16 or x8 slots, and 2 identical graphics cards.

    For your case the motherboard supports Hybrid Crossfire, wherein your onboard could be used with a discrete one to work in crossfire mode. The problem lies in the fact that there are few models supported with hybrid crossfire, and generally the models supported are low-end models.

    Based on this: if your graphics card is a 2400PRO, 3450 or 3470, you could enable Hybrid Crossfire on the Catalyst Control Center. If your ATI video card is a higher model, then it is not supported.

    Also, SLI is nvidia's CrossFire, it's almost the same technology in a different name. And you can't mix nvidia and ati cards and expect them to work in SLI mode or CrossFire mode.
  2. Crossfire is the term ATI uses for multiple GPU setups..Your friend meant that if you buy an ATI GFX card, you can add another one later to enhance your PC performance in games.
  3. You can't do Crossfire with that motherboard. You can do Hybrid Crossfire with certain ATI cards.
    It is not really worth it unless you are into power savings. Get a better video card either ATI or Nvidia.
  4. @ every1... thanx a lot for replies...
    i think i'd rather go for a higher nvidia gfx than crossfire.....wud say?? mayb 9500GT(acc to my budget) coz everything here is just too costly .... doubled the price :(
  5. Whilst nvidia get the lions share of the market, the ATI HD 4870 or 4890s are well worth a look. I switched from nvidia to ATI about 6 months ago to a 4870 1GB primarily because there wasn't much between that and an nvidia card that cost nearly twice as much.

    I think prices are much closer now so there's probably less in it than previously, but I have had SUCH a good experience with my ATI card (£137 from Novatech at the mo I believe) and not a single hitch that I would seriously have to think before going back to nvidia.

    Having said that if your budget is sub £50 then nvidia's hard to go wrong really.
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