Reinstall Windows XP with only Toshiba Product Recovery DVD

Dear Sirs,

I wonder whether you can help me with the safety saving windows and concomitant programs set-up CD-ROM for my Satellite M30X computer; unfortunately the copy that I apparently acquired with the Satellite M30X has got irretrievably lost. I am afraid I desperately need it in order to start my computer, which shows only a screen with MS-DOS options, none of which gets the computer started. From the two CD-ROMs (Tools & Utilities and Additional Software CD) I took the PMR400204EU0 number for reference, in the hope that you will be able to help me to operate my computer again.

Please be kind enough to send me a - hopefully positive - reply at your early convenience.

Yours, truly Thomas Haesler
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  1. Have you tried booting the laptop with SafeMode? What comes up on the screen you see?

    If you can't get the laptop started again, you can order a recovery CD from Toshiba or get a XP OEM disk and install it yourself using the code that should be on the laptop or find a disk online using a web search. Unfortunately most sites offering restore disks are either shady or want money for it just like Tohiba would.
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