One harddisk in raid 1 failed

Hello, i was configuring an hp ml350 server with 2 hard disk in raid 1. before creating the raid, one hard disk is showing amber LED on it. but raid configuration went fine, sucessfully & OS installation went was showing raid 1 inside the controller properties.

my question is weather i can replace the hard disk and put the new one now.
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  1. Yes. Remove the old HDD and install the new one. Use your RAID software, e.g. Intel Matrix Storage Manager) to add the new HDD to the volume.
  2. Is it possible to add the new drive from raid bios ?
  3. Assuming you're under the intel matrix system, you just remove the bad drive, plug in the new one, and then go into the matrix software in windows and add the new drive as part of the raid array, and it will then rebuild itself. Simple as that, nearly plug and play.
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