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I need help regarding my HDD. its a samsung 500gb SATA internal hard drive. yesterday, as usual connected it with a SATA to usb cable and gave it power from the sata power cable connected to the 220V AC source(using an adaptor). i have been doing this for 6 months without a prob. but today, i smelled some burning plastic and saw that in my computer that my hard drive was not functioning. then i saw that a small capacitor/resistor like thingy in the hard drive at the back was burnt black. i tried to power it on several times but i failed the hard drive was not powering on. there was no sound or vibration. so now can i do anything to fix it? will my data be lost ? any help will be highly appreciated. anyway.. i tried using in many other computers but it didnt power up... i saw stuff on google about being able to replace the pcb board... if that is possible i would prefer doing that.. otherwise i'll have to ship it to usa from kuwait using dhl.. that will cost a lot.. i am in two minds.. should i place an rma or just simply have the pcb board changed.. i need help on that!!
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  1. It is possible to replace the PCB on the drive. Doesn't always work if there was also damage to the platters.
    If the data is really important I would have a drive recovery company work on it. It will cost you alot to do it though.
  2. If your HDD can't spin, you can swap PCB to try. For Samsung PCB, you need to find the donor PCB has the same board number as yours. The board number is etched on the PCB, begin with BF41-
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