Could PCI Device or Memory Toast Motherboard

Is it possible for a PCI Device (graphics card, sound card, network card) or Memory to fry a motherboard. I got a new motherboard, installed only one graphics card (SLI) and memory stick and everything booted fine. I installed windows and then shut down my computer. I then installed the rest of my components (second graphics card, sound card, network card, and three other memory sticks) and tried to boot my computer. The power supply started and then stopped in less than a second. I know my power supply is good, I tested it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. what mobo is it? if SLI they can be a pain in the butt, boot it with only the basics first make sure the BIOS is at factroy settings and flash it. further to add is there anything on the mobo showings of buring or anything?
  2. I suspect that the second graphics card is pushing your PSU over the limit. What graphic cards are you using and what power supply?

    If you fear that you might have broken something, pull all the stuff you added back out and see if the system boots.
  3. EVGA motherboard 780i SLI
    Power Supply is more than up to the task, 750 Watts
    I think one of the components is shorting the motherboard and toasting it because when I take everything off except the Power Supply, the computer still does not work. This makes it very difficult and expensive to troubleshoot.
  4. who makes the powersupply is more to the point, probley has toasted out
  5. rosewill
  6. some one correct me, but I sense that is not one of the "top brands" for powersupply units
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