Gigabyte or asus

I am choosing between a gigabyte and an asus board for overclocking but i need to be convinced of the better of the the 2 with a limit of about $ 175
or so...
which board can both house Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 as well us the Intel i7 types
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  1. Quote:
    No board can use C2Q and i7.

    Let break it donw.

    C2D and C2Q = socket 775

    i7 = socket 1366

    i5/newer i7's = socket 1156

    alright so i should get a 1156 socket if im going after the Intel Core i5-750 Lynnfield 2.66GHz cpu..
    now between the gigabyte or the asus i prefer asus boards
  2. There on the same grounds for me, some Models are better than others, so when buying a board, I look at models (asif they are 1 big company), benchmarks of specific models, and reviews, thats how I choose between Asus and Gigabyte.
  3. I prefer Gigabyte.
  4. I prefer Gigabyte, but I have an ASUS board now. Both brands have never given me any trouble. My first Gigabyte board had a bad capacitor but I got a new board an hour later at the store. No big deal. I'd go with Gigabyte if I had to choose.
  5. Either are good, i have only used ASUS or Gigabyte boards and to be honest, neither are better than the other, their quality is the same, it's all a matter of preference.

    On another note, i find ASUS boards to be easier to OC with, but the Gigabyte boards have slightly more options...
  6. Ty guys, thats what iam decideing myself over .. yet my goal is to have a stable board that is able to increase ram and upgrade cpu more extensively when the time comes with the same MB..
    also need a good cpu cooler for the OCing
  7. can either board be stable up to 4 GHZ overclocking it,

    what about this ASUS board..
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