Overclocking a Radeon 5850

I was toying around with my card after reading an article about overclocking the 5850.

I was able to get 800/1200 stable with max temp of 70c under full load with fan at 42% at stock voltage. (I could up the fan speed more if i wanted too not that noisy at all)

My question is if I start toying with upping the voltage to get higher clock speeds how much of a difference (game wise) am I going to see and is it worth it at this point?
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  1. Upping the voltage will increase temperature and if you do it wrong it might damage your graphics card. I'd say check game performance stock and overclocked without modifying voltage. Why'd you even want more performance with your uber 5850 :P
  2. The card is uber and if it can be even more uber by overclocking it why not! Right now i basically got it running at 5870 speeds with not voltage increase. Games run great, so guess there no reason to push it anymore if all my games are running fine.
  3. My understanding is overclocking with stock voltage is the safest route - the returns from the OC can be great without losing stability or longevity. Which tool did you use to do the OC?
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