Newbie Needs Help...

Hi All,
I am new here.
I barely can get my case open but I need to fix my own computer.
Perhaps i can get advice here?
It is a Dell 8250 Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz 256 MB of ram

my fan is bad and stops sometimes...
I need to know what fan to get.
It is marked JMC/datachek
0.85 amp 12v DC
New egg has so many I do not know what is compatable.
Also i want to upgrade my video card, but I will post on the other forum for that.
Thanks so much
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  1. Measure the fan from corner to corner diagonally. This should give you your size then look for a new one on newegg .etc

    I am assuming your graphics card is AGP. What do you want a new graphics card for gaming, editing?
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