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Will the Antec 900 hold a full set of hard drives (all 6) and remaining 5.25in drives filled and still be able to fit the full sized 10.5in graphics cards in it? Was hoping someone would have the answer, since I know its a popular case.
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  1. No, get the 1200.
  2. No, I can't. I bought this on black friday (today) for 60bucks. Bought it because it should be able to cool my system better than my rosewill case and be alot quieter since my current case is anything but quiet. I've been wanting to mod my rosewill case ever since I got it and at my current rate im not sure if i be able to get around to disasembling and modding it for better cooling and noise reduction within the next year.

    Kind've wished I got my Antec 300 if I knew it wouldn't be able to do this as well, since they had that one for $40, and I like the plain black style more. But oh well im too lazy to speed on down there to change the case now. I just mod the front window with something, mabey see if I can get some nice looking gray/silver skulls on it or something neat painted on it, or do a blue case with flames look with it. And rip out the led's since this is going in my room and i like a pitch black room when I go to sleep.

    And for the record im satisfied with the case, as long as it quiet and I can rip out the led's and instal everything perfectly, meaning i can get my current mobo out of its case without putting a screwdriver in it since I think a screw got stuck while instaling it. Plus im using a 320mb 8800gts not a full size card right now so it doesn't matter yet, just for future upgrades I have to worry about.
  3. I think I messed up anyways. I left after posting the first reply. I can't remember if the 1200 had the extra room or not. I know it's much taller but don't have it in front of me to see the HD/v-card space.

    ( 900 ) The 320 v-card won't be a problem. 2 cards in sli will cause a problem if they are big (long) with that many drives. 4 should be okay. The power supply sits in the bottom so there's 3 open spaces there. Good deal on 900. Don't sweat it. The other one you mentioned...300 ?.... doesn't have enough fans in it so you made out okay. No need to buy more.
  4. Just got it all setup, I put in my cheap and quiet 120mm fan as a side fan in the case, and than set all the tri-cool fans to low and im currently stressing the system to see how hot I could get it, but already the temp is alot lower than my previous case :)

    Oh did I also mention quieter as well. The LED's also don't seem to bright so I may actually not end up ripping them out. And I hate to idmit it but it does give a cool effect looking at them with how the light shines on them. Though I think that this is bad I may end up killing time looking at the pretty lights than working, I can see it now *looks at pretty lights* Ohh it's shiney too.....

    *edited in, after I got done looking at the pretty LED lights, yeah im easily distracted*
    The temps in my case also dropped a good 20celsius while looking at the temps, while comparing it to the temps I got from it last night. I can't manage to get my CPU past 40celsius, and I can't get my GPU past 64celsius. And this is while running furmark, and than prime 95, than both at the same time to try to build up as much heat in here as possible. Yesterday the highest I got the CPU up to was 60celsius and 80-85celsius in that range for the GPU, and this is with ambiant temp around 60-65faraheit. So im quite happy with the coolling ability.

    Gotta idmit though it took me forever to asemble this, about 4hours to tear down my old case and build up this antec 900, about 3hours longer than I expected. Now I just have to start building those air filters from an old screen door and pieces of scrap metal I have laying around.

    It was also a big determing factor why I got the 900, it had more tri-cool fans in it and I could walk away with it cheaper than I could with the 300 if I tried to outfit it with tricool fans as well. I think to outfit the 300 with a couple extra fans it would have set me back about $80 (including case) and thats without tax, and leaving the side fan empty as well for my cheap fan I have laying around. So the 900 was cheaper too.

    After building this thing im happy I did go with 900 because that little extra depth in the case makes a difference when trying to set this thing up, if it wern't for that extra inch or so I have with this one I think all the wires would be overlapping my video card instead of sitting right next to it being tied down.
  5. i wanted to get the 900 for $60 at newegg. they ran out fast. congrats on your purchase.
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