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I been reading about the Alienware M17x laptop quad core 2.53 ghz overclock overclock over 3ghz. Will the 500mhz even be noticeable.
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    yeah you should, that's like a extra 20% more performance (real world figures maybe slighly different but should still be close).
  2. In most instances (internet surfing, document typing, video watching) it wouldn't be noticeable. It would be noticeable for cpu heavy tasks such as 3D modeling, video encoding, image editing and other simulation software.
  3. So basicly only if the software use alot of cpu power.
  4. YEP,Only in times of gaming and editing or videos works!
  5. If I order dual core 2.53 ghz and then buy a quad core 2.53 would I see much of a change.

    Me I would think if the software like games and other apps support quad?
  6. yes,A million of difference!hehe, Your comparing a dual core with a Quady..
    When ,on dual core:

    less fsb
    less cache,
    and less perfomance

    For a Quad core

    4 Cores
    high cache than the dual core
    more and more perfomance than a dual core,

    If u are buying a alienware lap with dualcore proceesor,U willnot be able to play games as ur dual core will bottleneck the gfx card and all other hardware!

    So buy an hp or dell with dual core or
    An Alienware with Quad core
    Your Choice!

    With regards!
  7. Sorry man with the study I done the last few months you need to go back to school. High end games are more gpu base not cpu base. Cpu are more into caculations.

    I study tons of Intel dual core and quad cores and amd dual core and quad at high res. They all at around the same FPS with the same gpu.

    At the setting of gpus low end the Intel quad core where faster. It was due to gpu where underclocked and the cpu had to take over.

    I see this with ram and gpu and cpus. It dont matter if the cpu is intel or quad core or amd was dual or quad they ran fps -3 to +3 FPS.

    If you can post facts please do so.
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