What graphics card is best for Blueray and any high definition video?

I am building a new pc and i want to put in a blueray drive. What gfx card is best for getting maximum high definition picture quality?

Now Ive got alot of ppl on one hand telling me that a cheaper gfx card will do while Ive read articles that send me in the opposite direction.

And then there are those people looking for some form of home entertainment computer. The trick here is to pick a card that will keep the load away from the computer's core processing power. TV playback, for instance, has modest requirements (although naturally you'll be looking for a graphics card that can take an input from your aerial or satellite box, for instance), while processing the likes of forthcoming HDTV images needs more power. Even so, we're still talking an expenditure topping out at around the £100 mark.

Now im not a pc gamer so the gaming aspect is irrelevant. However i do love my movies and am looking to build a pc that can handle any high definition movie etc. I will be building my pc around a quadcore intel q6600.

Any advice and suggestions will be greatfuilly recieved
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  1. Get a Radeon 4670. Any Radeon from the 4000 series can offload alot of the work for processing HD movies from your CPU. The radeon series also allows you to output audio via HDMI directly from the graphics card. If you wanted something really cheap the Radeon 4550 would probably do the job just fine.
  2. By the way you should also make sure that whatever software you are using is able to take advantage of the hardware acceleration abilities of the Radeon series for watching movies.
  3. Any of the cheap Radeon HD3xxx series, I have a 780g board with built in HD3200 and it plays HD content just fine. If this is a pc for the living room might look into one with a silent cooling system such as http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121230 for an example.
  4. so what are the features i should look out for in terms of the multimedia aspect? Also should i concentrate on ATI rather than nvidia? as your the 2nd person thats suggested ati to me.
  5. ive just found this card and it seems to be focused on multimedia rather than gaming. http://www.ebuyer.com/product/140433

    Would this do me??
  6. yes
  7. Yup
  8. Are there any improvements that are noticeable in the ATI 4k cards over the 3k or for the most part was the playback a carry over from one to the next series?
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