Q6600 temps....part 7+

As some of you may have seen before, ive made several post/mentioned it several times, that my Q6600 G0 runs rather hot with my Xiggy s1283 with the backplate, 38/38/34/37 idle in a currently 72f room. Lupiron helped me quite a bit, but it was pretty much determined that I might have a "lemon" heatsink, bad heatpipes or what not. Even after lapping the CPU and heatsink my temps were unchanged for the better.

After lapping, trying 2 different paste (OCZ Freeze and AS5), sitting the cooler horizontal and vertically, trying 2 different fans, no difference. Well ive told myself im going to drop it and stop screwing with it, but its getting on my nerves again. My temps are obviously over the "norm", and im not overvolting in fact im running at 1.26, which is under the stock VID of 1.3v.

Anyways too long of a story made short, would it be wise to ditch this "lemon" Xiggy and snag a Therm 120 extreme? At this point im ready to even buy the antiquidated Zalman 9700, cant be any worse than this Xiggy. Cost is not an issue.

**EDIT** Sig isnt showing, but the proc is OC'ed to 3.2ghz
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  1. I really don't think it's worth the money or headache to mess with it or buy a new heat sink. I would get a stable overclock if you haven't already, and enjoy. Forget about the temperature, it's fine.
  2. i would say thats actually pretty normal... hey wtf is lupiron back or were u just saying a while ago he helped you..
  3. I havnt seen him in months. I was refering to a much older post. His Q6600 G0 was/is running over 10c lower than mine on a higher OC with a higher voltage.
  4. ^ that was probably one of Lupi's ultra low Vid chips. He had/has a thing for low Vid chips, lol
  5. yeah, i think he has a drug trade in Q6600's... i'm willing to bet he hid em in a box under a rose bush when he found out the cops were going to search his attic...
  6. Those are normal temps. An after market cooler should help you when overclocking or when in a high usage load over a factory cooler.

    I have a mirror finish lapped Q6600 & Rosewill RCX-Z775-SL 92mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler 33,33,35,36.

    If you have too much paste maybe you can bring it down by lapping and reapplying.

    My paste apply method is to dab it on in 5 tiny spots like the number 5 on a dice cube.
    I then mate without clipping the CPU to the sink and twist it to and fro and take a look. If it looks spread out enough I wipe the sink clean thus removing half of it. Walla! You can rub it again to see if you need to do the same if you like.

    About heat sink fan units. There is no magic between manufacturers there. It's simply which one you like the looks of or how it will fit around your board components or the mounting system preference.
    I have tested a few and it was not worth the trouble because the temps varied none between them. I ran a temp monitoring program and used an infrared temp gun. All of them idled @ the same temps. I then ran a large image editing batching load of 150 large RAW image to .jpeg then resizing through Photoshop CS4 stroking all four cores and it was like I never changed a sink.

    And all this complaining about how hard it is to push the pins in a board. I have never seen it. I believe they are not reading the instructions and making sure the pins are turned the correct way before pushing them in.

    I run a GA-EP 45 UD3P , Q6600, 8GB
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