I can't get to Are my tubes clogged or is the site down? I was hoping to gander at the wireless router chart.
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  1. Muerr,

    Currently is not a Web Site that we operate here at Bestofmedia.

    SmallNetBuilder used to be affiliated with, and contains a lot of the content that site used to write about.

    Check it out:
  2. There is a Tom's Networking Guide in German -- -- which covers homenetworking an SMB networking.
    We are unique in testing WLAN and Powerline devices triple-play benchmarks. We also covernetwork attached stroage (NAS), digital media adapters (DMA), and other network related stuff, i.e. Polymer Optical Fibers and some scientific content.

    Google translate et. al. do a fair job to translate into English:


    Arno Kral
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