How can you tell the speed of your Network Card?

Hello all,
I'm looking at buying a Switch to replace the 2 hub's I have now...

I see there are both 10/100 speed and the new 10/100/1000 speed.

Not sure if any of my pc's have the ability to hit 1000 speed, So how do I see if any of the pc's that are going to be on the Switch have 1000 speed capability?

I don't see the point in spending the extra $$ on a 1000 speed if nothing i have will use it.


Thanks all!
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  1. Pull out the good ol' user guide and read... or google up the model of your adaptor. If the computers are working properly and an OS is installed, check for it in your OS. Or, you could transfer a big file and see how fast it goes lol. Either way, I'd get the gigabit switch, more future-proof incase you want to buy a new computer with gigabit networking. Besides, you can buy a gigabit adaptor for $20 and make your existing PC's gigabit.
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