4TB Storage, need help with partition sizes

Ok here we go... I Have one 2TB HD and another on the way (RMA) I know I want to seprate my files on diffrent partitions. I am just not sure how big i should make my partitions... On the first drive I plan on making a 50GB partition for Windows 7 Ult 64bit. And that is where I sit now. I want apps, games, movies, music, and downloads on diffrent partitions..... maybe put movies/music on the same one. And I think the Downloads partition should be like 250GB yes I download A LOT! I have a 100GB DL going now, every season of cops :D I dont have a lot of apps mostly Benchmarking software. Any suggestions?
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  1. I recommend that you separate OS + installed applications/games, and user data like movie files, text documents, pictures, archives, backups, etc.

    However, i do not recommend creating many partitions, i.e. one for downloads one for movies one for pictures, etc. That may sound tidy now, but in reality its very inflexible because you can't easily change the partition size. Using directories for this makes much more sense.

    So for example, you can create:
    C: partition ~50GB containing primary OS+Apps
    D: partition ~300GB containing games (consider 10GB per large game - means 30 games)
    E: partition (the rest) for data storage, movies, pictures, downloads. Use folders to keep them tidy and separated.

    If you only play few games, you can consider just a C: system partition and a D: for data. If your games are quite large, a separate partition will prevent much fragmentation on the C: partition. So windows should load quite fast, since its located on the fastest location (the beginning of each harddrive - the outer tracks).
  2. I am thinking I will Split it up like this

    Drive 1 2TB:
    C: 50GB for OS
    D: 50GB - 100GB Apps
    E: 1850GB - 1900GB Movies/Music/Pics

    Drive 2 2TB:
    F: 1500GB - 1750GB Games
    G: 250GB - 500GB Downloads

    Unless anyone has a better idea. Not sure what to do with all this space :heink:
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  3. I agree with sub mesa - Why not just allocate the second drive as one drive for movies and games - 2 TB for games is going to sit idle for years - unless you keep a copy of everything.

    Drive 1:
    C: 50G OS
    D: Apps and ??

    Drive 2:
    E: Games and Movies

    Just my 2 tb's of opinion...
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