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Hey guys,

I'm just starting to get to know the finer details of computers, and gaming rigs specifically - but I need some of you pros to help be out with some issues I've been having.

I've built myself a computer using relatively affordable components, and I'm having issues with the motherboard and video card and where to find appropriate drivers.

The motherboard is the M2N-E SLI (with a 2.4 dual core processor) and an nvidia 8600gt video card. I'm also running the 64 bit Vista.

First of all,

>should I update the BIOS?

>how and where would I find the right mobo drivers?

>how and where would I find the right video card drivers?

>Is there anything else I should know about drivers and bios that would help this computer run smoothly?

I've looked allll over the place for drivers, and I've found plenty, but all of the prefixes and such confuses the hell out of me, and basically I just would like someone to clarify, and possibly suggest some opinions on drivers.

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  1. 1) Depends. You don't update a bios like you update vga drivers. Only do it if you encounter problems that might be due to the current bios version. I guess you have an asus mobo. Look at their support section an then go to CPU support. Search according to the mobo and select your mobo. The it will give you a list of all CPU's supported by your mobo and the earliest bios version supporting it. You can check your bios version with programs like CPU-Z. If it does not support you CPU, you might update, ONLY if you encounter problems. I have have already seen PC's running CPU's perfectly with a bios that is actually not supporting it.

    2) On your manufacturer's website download section. Normally you should use the drivers on your mobo support cd/dvd, included with your mobo.


    4) You know about the bios (see topic 1). You should always have the newest driver for you video card. Sometimes older version can perform better, but mostly they don't. Note you also have beta drivers from nvidia (there is a link on the nvidia download page I linked you to get them). these are mostly the newest drivers, but they are not verified by Microsoft yet. However, almost everytime there is nothing wrong with, so don't hesitate to try them to.
    When uninstalling your previous drivers do the following:
  2. But from nvidia site I would get drivers for my GEFORCE Graphics card.

    I found the audio drivers from the asus download site.
    But there are no Display drivers for my mother bother board
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