2 Wire Router, how to Firewall wired connections from Wireless?

Hello again all,
My business network is all setup and hardwired through a Switch (changing from 2 HUBs to a switch shortly).

I'm accesing the internet via an AT&T 2-wire router.

What I want to do is setup the router so that all hardwired network is firewalled... and I can set the Router to Wireless so Customers can use WiFi but still not be able to see or access the business network.


Thanks all!
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  1. You need a separate wireless router with it's own subnet to segregate your customer network from your business one.

  2. Ok, so I keep the Router I have now on lock-down...

    Would this Router serfice?

    And if so, I can just plug this into the same phone line the other DSL router is running on, correct? I don't need to get a seperate phone line?

    Thank for putting up with my networking ignorence :sarcastic:
  3. Don't get a Draft N router. Stick with a G. No, make sure the new router has a different IP address than the old one. Run a network cable from a local port on the old router to the Internet port on the new one.

  4. After looking at the G Routers I see that you don't need to connect it to the phone line at all, just directly to the original DSL router. I found this, even though the speed is 54mbps, this should be suffeciant for the customers in a 2000 sq. ft. 1 floor unit, correct?

    Thanks again I appreciate it!
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