Which is better for Q6600@3GHz... DDR2 800 or DDR3 1600


I am buying motherboard for a Q6600 which I (very hypothetically) plan to run at 3.6GHz.

I understand a 1:1 ratio is a good sweet spot to aim for due to bits of data in the RAM being available at the right time for the CPU. To achieve this, one would have to have the Q6600's core speed at 400MHz.

The obvious ram for this is DDR2, 800MHz as this won't need to be overclocked.

My questions are as follows...

* Would a DDR3 1600 ram + Mobo make much difference over DDR2 800? (Assuming that DD3 Mobo's can use memory multipllier of 4x).

* Is there any other advantage of DDR3 over DDR2 other than the maximum rated MHz?

Thank you in advance
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  1. Unless you decide to move to i7, I'd say stick with ddr2. Also, I'd recommend getting either 1000 or 1066mhz ram because you'll see better performance with a higher fsb:ram ratio.
  2. Can anyone answer the two questions in my original post?
  3. you wont feel any difference for the price of DDR3 buy as said by br3ndo64 1066 DDR2 and then you will fell the difference
  4. DDR3 still uses a multiplier of 2x. Not? Not sure about it though. If you look at a videocard with DDR3 memory, the mem speed is ofter expressed in two speeds: a real and an effective; the real being half the speed of the effective. DDR5 uses a multiplier of 4x.
    Do you mean quadpumped fsb maybe?

    I would get some good DDR2 1066 with OC potential (good brand, large stock heatsinks) and OC it if not fast enough. If you have a larger budget, you could go for DDR2 1000-1200.

    I think the difference between DDR3 and DDR2 is just the speed, like the diff between DDR and DDR2.
  5. Msitake: DDR2 1000 is ofcourse cheaper than DDR 1066. I meant: if you have a larger budget go for ddr2 1066-1200. You should be fine with 1066 though.
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