Need help finding the right case!

Hello guys, I'm building a data server (Raid5, 3 hard drives) and I'm looking for a case that has a good ventillation and enough space between the hard drives so they don't heat up too much. Could anyone hook me up with some case names?

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  1. Antex 300/900/1200. Silverstone TJ07. Lian-Li A70/A71/A7010/A7110 Cooler Master 690/810 Thermaltake Armor/Kandalf/Spedo NZXT Tempest

    Try some of those.
  2. Any of the Lian-Li cases stated above should be your best bet.
  3. Where can I buy these cases online and get them shipped to Canada (the lian lis)!? I checked on ncix but none of these are sold there :(
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