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Hi guys,

I want to install a Western digital velociraptor to my new computer. It will be a 300gb one and i can only afford 1 at the moment. But I want to later on add another 300gb one in raid 0, is this possible without deleting OS, programs etc.. how can i do it? do i need to back up everything?

Also is the WD velociraptor fastest HDD out at the moment? and is it faster than 6gb/s HDD that starting to come out?

Thanks people!
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  1. no, no and no.

    You can backup your drives via a few different methods. At the end of the day however you have to not only wipe that drive, but also repartition, and align it.

    VR's have been surpassed by 500gb platter 7200rpm drives like the Samsung F3, Seagate 7200.12 and WD's 2TB (only version with 500gb platters atm).

    For the 200$ pricetag of a single 300gb VR you can pick up a Intel X25-v 30gb SSD (system) and a 500gb Samsung (storage). Or you could pick up 2x 1tb samsung f3's for raid0 and come out with better performance and 7x the storage.
  2. Under Windows XP if you installed the AHCI drivers as part of the installation process you can add an additional drive and setup a RAID 0 volume. In RAID 0 you stripe your disks to improve speed. For Intel RAID drivers it is possble to add the driver afterward, but it involves manually editing the registry.
  3. All good points. Also, don't install in rain.
  4. ever0095 said:
    All good points. Also, don't install in rain.

    Haha ever0095, thanks for the tip :D
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