Antec 550w NeoPower + GTX 260 Core 216?

I want to use my current Antec NeoPower 550w PSU (, which has 3x12v rails with 18a per rail, to power a new eVGA GTX 260 core 216 gpu. eVGA says it needs a minimum of a 500 Watt power supply with +12 Volt current rating of 36 Amps.

My question is... will my PSU work with this? I don't understand how PSU's and rails work. If I plug in the graphics card with the PCI-E connector, isn't that connector running on one rail that only has 18 amps? Also, isn't that rail probably being used for other components as well?
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  1. dannyaa,, the only problem is that when you overclock, it's not going to be enough juice. It's plenty but i still think the demand on games are crazy. My cousin has a 550 watt and powers 2 8800gt's, I'm not saying give up, you mite have the umph to get it running even though the gtx 260s' use less power to run. :D

    Good Luck Man.
  2. Well, I don't overclock, and I only want one GPU. My system is:

    Athlon X2 4800+ s939
    4gb RAM
    2x Optical Drives
  3. I'm also looking for an explanation of how RAILS & the amps/volts thing works
  4. I use this PS with my setup - i have the XFX 260 - have for now 3 months and never has a power issue. See my setup below \/\/\/\/.

    Only thing with the PS is that it only comes with two PCIe power connectors - so i have to get one more molex-to-PCIe connector for my card since i was using one already for board.

    No doubt this card is hungry for power. But sure worth it when I play my games.

    I do plan on getting a second gtx260 and at that point i'll get a bigger ps.
  5. well if this is correct, if each rail is on separate pci-e connector wires you have 2 pci-e with 18A on each. what do you get when you add 18 and 18 = 36A. but i dont know either but thats my crack at it. two 18A lines into one card = 36A total into the card.
  6. dannyaa said:
    I'm also looking for an explanation of how RAILS & the amps/volts thing works

    You can start here

    Keep in mind that the amperage reccomendation is for the system as a whole , not just the card, and refers to the total +12v output, not the max rating of a single rail.
    Your psu has a combined +12v output of 504 watts or 42 amps, plenty of power.
    If it will make you feel better, forum member invisik runs an overclocked Q6600 and dual 260's on his 500 watt 34 amp Antec.
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