Need a motherboard

Im building a new system. This is what i have so far. I need suggestions for a motherboard.

Vista 32 bit OS
Antec 900 case
Cosair 750 watt PSU
Q6600 CPU
250 Gig SATA Hard Drive
Soundblaster Audigy Surround 7.1 Audio Card
8800 GT video card
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  1. Most will recommend Gigabyte or Asus. Here's a link to some 775 Asus motherboards. You can see which features match what you're looking for. Good lucK
  2. a warning about the chipset, unless you want to go SLI. the Nvidia based chipsets can be a pain in the butt and fussy, so check to make sure your RAM is on the tested chart with that mobo or you will get problems. that problem is the most common for these chipsets I do BELIVE never said it was.
    If your not going SLI get a P45 chipset bored
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