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I have a visiontek radeon 4870 and have applied the popular "fan fix" (outlined here: http://www.legionhardware.com/Board/viewtopic.php?f=27&p=16878 ) and that works fine.

My girlfriend, however, has a non-reference version of the 4870 card that ASUS has put out. It is a single-slot design, with a different fan. You can see it here: http://www.techpowerup.com/70240/ASUS_Released_Non-Reference_Radeon_HD_4870_with_Expanded_Power_Circuitry.html

When I applied the fan fix to HER card, the sound drops to silent levels at about %30 fan speed, just like my reference visiontek dual-slot 4870.

The problem is that after playing a game for an hour or so, the card reaches temps of just over 100 degrees celcius!

My questions are as follows:

1. Is there a way to manually set the speed of the fan to one setting, and then have it automatically jump to a different fan speed once a certain temperature threshhold is reached? Can this be done through editing the .xml profile file in a different way than outlined in most 4870 fan hack tutorials?

2. I notice that even after applying the fan hack, her fan speed will sometimes fluctuate randomly while the machine is idling. Any ideas why?

My visiontek 4870 idles at ~57 degrees when the fan speed is manually set to %30.
Her card also idles at ~57 degrees when the fan speed is manually set to %30.
So it's pretty odd that her card reaches 100 degrees under load. I'm wondering if this is related to question #2... that is, if the computer is deciding to crank the fan speed down in the middle of a game. Any ideas?
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  1. Hi mate,

    Use rivatuner from guru3d.com. hope it help you alot.
  2. hmm, this asus cooler looks...(bad), I mean it is single sloted and heatsink seems to be too small. If you look at the picture carefully you will see that part of the memory chips stay not covered with the heatsink; The GPU can overheat because of insufitient cooling performance of this cooler.
    ...so, first thing you have to try is to set manualy fan at 70% and load the GPU for 20-30 min and see if the temps still reach 100 C. If so than your girlfrend is screwed with this asus cooler;
    For example my powercolor 4870 iddles at 45 C, and at full load(crysis, 2 hours play) it didnt go beyond 64 C !
  3. yeah baby lets boil water, I second the rivatuner.
  4. Hey,

    I had the same issue. I had the Asus EAH4870, one that looked just like yours and i just found out from this thread that this is the NON REFERENCED version. When i opened up the case and let excellent air flow, even then it was 60C in idle. I turned on the fan at 100% manually and as far as i read it should have spun at close to 4000RPM. Mine only did 2600RPM. I am not sure if it was a defective card or the way all NON REFERENCED 4870 cards work. Try setting to max RPM manually and check the RPM.

    Wehn playing Crysis it got to 90C at 100% RPM with excellent air flow (the whole case was open with 3 fans around the GPU. You could se how the fan is different on the regular HD4870 series. Its a lot more efficient with two slots.

    I ended up returning it and thinking of getting a cooler nVidia card.

    Good luck
  5. waahaha, asus gone ballistic again - selling **** to customers. How can they develop such a idiotic cooler and stick it to the 4870s ?! What they are thinking?! Plus, some of the memory chips are tottaly uncovered, and some are visible behind the fan! You can clearly see bare chips behind the fan! OMFG.

    @ lennox, RMA your girlfrend's card ASAP while you have chances. This is the only solution.
  6. Take a look at the Catalyst 8.10 thread it says that it includes a fan controller. I think its still in BETA but there was a link in there if you want to try it. Just remember that a beta isnt the finuished article and may have bugs in it. Then again some times the certified drivers have problems.

  7. Rivatuner works great for dynamically adjusting your videocards fanspeeds. There is a guide you can follow here http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1345181 Look under "Automatic Optimized fan control for 4850/4870" and linear control mode. Alternatively, you can use the lookup table option, which may be easier to set up.
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