Computer reboots when CD is detected

I replaced a CD-RW/DVD-ROM that took forever to detect a disk (but worked normally once it did)
with a new DVD writer; as soon as the disk title shows up in My Computer-Drive D, the machine
reboots, then does the same thing repeatedly. It doesn't matter what disk is inserted. I'd sure
appreciate some insight, especially if the new drive is defective (so I can send it back before the
warranty runs out). The reboot problem wasn't present before.
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  1. sometimes this is caused by a bad power supply!
  2. Thanks, a51r....the absence of alternative responses tells me that everyone
    else thinks you nailed it! Since your reply, I've downloaded MBM5; the +12,
    -12, +5 and +3.3 look good with miniscule fluctuations, but the -5 is like a fish
    in a boat, between +2.3 and -4, only occasionally settling for a while around
    zero, which I think is where it belongs (right?). Yes, I'm looking into PSUs,
    thankyouverymuch; do you happen to know of a monitor/tester that offers
    glitch-capture? I haven't gone deeply into MBM5 HELP yet, but I don't think
    an at-failure snapshot is possible when the monitor is powered by the thing
    being diagnosed. Thanks again, GSG
  3. both times i have heard of this it was the power supply!you never no for sure though,good luck,let me know how it works out!
  4. Well, area51reopened, I guess I've waited long enough. I pulled out the power sup-
    ply and looked over the connectors, pins and whatnot; seeing nothing bent or burnt I de-
    cided to put it back for one more try before ordering the Corsair 400W unit I read good
    things about. I also opened a bay(?) and put the old drive in as a slave, just for fun; booted
    up....and it's been working ever since! (So, what did I fix, and how?)

    Anyway, even though the -5v is still jumping around, there's no more reboot loop and I re-
    sumed loading from disks like nothing ever hiccupped. The old drive even began reading
    some disks, but that's a needle for another thread. Thanks again for your input, and nice
    typing at you.

    GSGregg out.
  5. great job!glad you got it working,maybe a loose connection from the psu!glad it worked out.take care!
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