Geforce and Physx performance??

I was wondering if any Nvidia users noticed any performance issues with the newest driver 178.13 or with a driver that included the Physx intigration?? My reasoning behind this question is that if a GPU has enough processing power to do both video and Physx calculations how come we do not see a performance drop? Shouldn't the GPU pump out more FPS without Physx??
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  1. Yes, you will always see a performance drop when one gpu has to process both physx and graphics.
  2. for sure it drop perf, but graphic will be better .. i mean particule etc ... it depend of the game, and i only have a 8800GT 512mb, so it depend of the game i play, sometime i enable it , sometime not, but ya when on fps will drop
  3. That's what I figured. I have a 9600gt and I just couldn't see a real difference. The only physx enabled games I have are Mass Effect and Age of Empires 3. Does anyone have any benchmarks because I was wondering how hard a hit the GPU is actually taking in FPS from the added physx?
  4. Saw my name and just had to post..:( sorry..
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