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The Q8200 is slightly slower then the Q6600 however it has a higher bus speed.
The Q6600 has more cache then the Q8200, but it is the newer chip so what one is the faster/better one?

They are the both the same price.
I have an EVGA 750i.
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  1. Q8200 has a lower multiplier, so if you planned on overclocking that will play an impact as youll need a higher FSB to reach desired clock speeds than you will with the Q6600's 9x. Stock or OCing, I would still pick the Q6600.
  2. Q6600 all the way!
  3. 8200 will run cooler, and is the one I'd choose for not overclocking. If you want to overclock though, I'd go with the 6600. You'll probably hit a higher clock with it, as the 8200 would require a really high FSB, and I wouldn't trust an Nvidia board to hit the kind of bus that would be required for a decent overclock.
  4. Thanks so much you guys i will be buying the Q6600 as soon as i buy my GTX260 =P
  5. why don't you wait. CPU pricing on 45nm Core 2 Quads are coming down and Deneb could bring the price down even more.
  6. Wait like panther mentioned on the price drops.
    If you want a opinion though I'd go for Q8200 since it's 45NM and you could probably grab higher timers and a stronger OC.

    You pay for what you get. Right?
  7. Wait for too long and the Q6600 wont be available. It scheduled for a cut early 2009
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