Happy new year!
I have a xfx 680i LT SLI
EVGA 9800 gt Dual Slot 512 mb
And e8400

My question is, is this motherboard a reasonable one for overclocking (like to get my cpu up to about 3.6 ghz on stock cooling and my gpu with a decent overclock too?) Also, if you have had experiences with this mobo, did you have problems with it? Etc.

info will be useful and well appreciated.

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  1. XFXgave me nothing but issues right out of the box.....I think the last think there support told me was I might have got a used mobo......What the ?
    It was sealed by them.........
    There support will not fix any hardware issue even if it shipped with a issue from them.....
    BBB.org is all I need to say!
    XFX and EVGA are both Pine Group...and several others I am told......China
    I have posted a open bbb.org letter and we are working on getting there mfg to either support there faulty hardware or not import from China.
    I had a brand new 780I that welded a cpu to the socket and they said I might have a used board? Sorry we do not support hardware issues....
    So if you over clock and you brick it...They will go very far to be nice to you .....They will just never give you mobo support or a replacement. A few friends that lyed to get a replacement for a new mobo that was dead from the box also. Ended up getting a used mobo back from rma and it failed also...... There boards look cool and there box's look cool and all there ad's boast 5 star support. But those must be china stars. In the usa it is more like 1 star if you are lucky! Most of the time it takes a threat to the BBB.org to get them to just look at a picture of your issue. Then they still will have a reason to not give you support. There best on is did you touch the motherboard when you installed it. You must have static shocked it and that might have been your issue.... Sorry we do not support static shock!
    Ect, ect, ect......They have more reasons not to support there mobo than any mfg I have ever used. ECS is better at support than XFX so far!
    If it ever changes I will be the first to tell the world how good they are...But for now I have a brand new mobo that welds CPU's to the socket. How ever cool it sounds it sucks and should not happen....But as they say I might have got a used board!
  2. Mine ran good at 400 mhz fsb, for a while then started having occasional errors, I turned it down to 333 and it seems to be holding it's own. Anything over that though and I would get northbridge cooler.
  3. my mobo did that too for a while, but need quite high voltage meaing the capiters must have gone

    it might overclock not sure haven't seen the old XFX 680i onces
  4. Ok, thanks for the info, will keep the o/c to a minimum.
  5. Also further question on the mobo I am buying. Here is the link from amazon.

    As you can see it is described as OEM, does that mean it comes without an i/o shield that is necessary?

    The link from tiger direct says that the OEM version does come with the i/o shield. What do you think? I'm very worried about this! Thanks again in advance!

  6. OEM is no brand from what I am aware off and the tech support might be shot for it should it go wrong..OEM is made for ppl who build ppl computers and they have to support these end user, for own use and it goes wrong getting support for it might be an issue but look into it
  7. ok, thanks for your answer , but do you think it will come with the i/o shield as described in my previous post?
  8. it should do, OEM or not it should come with a I/O plate.
  9. Thank you. At least this puts me at ease!
  10. I have never seen a ready made PC with no I/O back plate but there is always a first.. just to make sure I would go for retail but like I said it *should* come with it
  11. Ok, it looks from other sites that sell the same product that the i/o shield does come with the oem version.
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