Cannot open folders on desktop with touchpad or mouse vista

Hi All Knowing People,
I have turned my laptop on today and cannot open any folders/files/ pics etc on my desktop: neither with mouse or touchpad. Tried searching threads on tinterweb and even lookked into files with d words and nothing strange there either.
I am running on vista on a toshiba satellite-could i have hit a wrong key by accident-sorry not brill at the tech stuff! I can open the above by clicking on "start" and going in that way, but i need to be able to drag some files etc for a works folder i am working on and i dont have a lot of time left....
Sorry if this is a quick fix to someone but i am gradually getting balder by the the minute....!!

Any help appreciated.
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  1. see if your touch pad is activated
  2. both mouse and touchpad work in other applications and am able to open start panel etc and docs up with either, but cannot open (or doube click on) desktop items-folders, pics etc
  3. look in file property if there not lock
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