Q6600 Overclock and Tweaking

I've finished building my new system and have overclocked the Q6600 to 3.5ghz (9x387)

Q6600 G0 Stepping
asus p5q-deluxe
4gig geil 5-5-5-15 pc2-6400
Arctic Cooling Freezer Xtreme CPU cooler
Antec 1200
1000W Kingwin Modular PSU

I'm pretty new to overclocking and simply adjusted the FSB and practically nothing else. I'm slightly concerned with my idle temps. My cpu idles at around 45 degrees and peaks in the mid 60's at 100 percent load. Are these temps ok? Or would you guys recommend a lower overclock?

Another thing I'm slightly confused about is the readings from CPU-Z.

As you can see it says my ram is running at 483.7 MHz. Being new to all this am I correct in saying this means my ram is running at around 967MHz or 387 x 2 / (4/5)?

So far I have run Prime95 for 5 hours with no errors and no temperatures beyond 69 degrees. Is there any other testing I should do?

I heard that it may be a good idea to lower the voltages which would lower the temperatures? Is this the case? and what sort of adjustments would you recommend I make?

Basically I'm looking for reassurance that everything is correct and in order and recommendations to things I could change to increase performance etc. ;)


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  1. CPU looks fine. To be sure, use the "Blend" test in Prime95. Your CPU isn't running dangerously hot. One of the reasons your CPU runs warm is that your motherboard auto-set the voltage for this overclocked setting. It's possible - likely - that you do not need so much voltage for stability. Lowering the voltage is a tedious trial-and-error where you keep lowering Vcore by a small amount and re-test with Prime95 Blend until it produces an error.

    Your RAM is running beyond spec - 967 MHz indeed. You can keep it within spec by going into BIOS and lowering the frequency to the closest figure below 800MHz. Either your RAM is unstable and you don't know it because Prime95 doesn't stress RAM by default (memtest does), or your motherboard once again set elevated voltages for RAM to keep it stable. You should run memtest to be sure, or set DRAM speed back within 800 MHz.
  2. From what I read from the stick post, it seems RAM with 800 should be able to support a 400 CPU FSB right? According to his setting (387 FSB), shouldn't the RAM be running at 387x2 ? How did it get to 967 MHz?
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