Can I RAID 0 2 64GB SSD's From 2 Different Companies?

I have an Imation 64GB SSD in my machine right now. I want to add a second SSD in a RAID 0 configuration but I was wondering if I have to get another Imation or if I can get a Kingston 64GB SSD which is cheaper?

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  1. Definitely not an expert, but from everything I've read, you can't do this.

    As far as I know, the drives must be 'identical'.

    Could be totally wrong though.
  2. If given a choice I would keep the drives the same - if I had two dissimilar drives I would certainly go for it, they will work. But having done this, what do you want to accomplish? One SSD is faster than a RAID 0 hard drive setup - you will notice it. 2 SSD's in RAID 0 - well one doesnt see as much improvement unless you are working with larger files, video editting and game level loads. The issue is one of the biggest hits in disk performance is the seek time - moving the head. That goes away with one SSD.

    So 2 SSD's only improve data xfer speeds. And you really only notice that on larger files...

    Dont get me wrong - I love doing this but Im not doing it because its practical...
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